Udaariyaan 21st November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo and family coming to Virk house and meeting everyone. Fateh recalls his words. He thinks did Angad tell anything to Tejo, everything will get spoiled. He hides. Tejo sees him. Mahi takes Tejo with her. Fateh goes. Angad comes home. He recalls his words. He says if Fateh told Tejo about fake engagement, then everything will get spoiled. Fateh collides with him. They shake hands. Khushbeer says Angad will come, and jeweller will also come, you both select a good ring. Tejo says its not needed. Biji says we like to do something for you. Jasmin thinks Tejo has a good fate, and I have to write my fate myself, where is Fateh. Fateh asks did I say anything useless after getting drunk. Angad says I wanted to ask the same. Fateh asks do you remember anything. Angad says no. Fateh says we were talking about marriage and engagement. Angad asks do you remember. Fateh says no. Angad says thank God. Fateh asks why. Angad says nothing happened, we are safe, so thank God, I remember it in flashes, you were saying about some surprise, Jasmin… I don’t know exactly. Fateh says I would have not told you, I m planning a small surprise for Jasmin, top secret. Tejo calls Angad and asks where are you, everyone is waiting. Angad says you are questioning like a wife, I m outside Virk house, I m coming.

He ends call and says she is missing me. Angad and Fateh come in. Tejo thinks what’s going on, sometimes fight and sometimes friendship. Jeweller shows the rings. Angad shows a ring. Tejo says its big, look at this. Angad says a diamond should choose a diamond, that too big one. Gurpreet says he is right. Fateh stops Jasmin and says Papa won’t like it if you go. Angad holds Tejo’s hand to try the ring. Tejo says its really big, look at this. Angad says you are would be Mrs. Maan, would I make you wear this cheap ring, what will people say, they will doubt my love. Everyone smiles. Tejo thinks overacting started again. Angad says this is called a ring. Tejo thinks such a big ring. Nimmo says he has a big pocket and a big heart. Angad asks Tejo to select a ring for him. Tejo asks him to select it himself. Jasmin thinks she would be happy to get a big diamond ring. Angad says I want you to put your choice on me, anything you like. She shows a big ring. He asks are you sure. She says yes, a diamond should choose a diamond, a big one. He says you said my dialogue to me, shall I take this, will this look good. Khushbeer says my daughter chose it, it will look good.

He asks how many people will come from your side. Angad says you all will come, that’s all, Amrik, Mahi, did you prepare anything, what about dance. Mahi says its engagement, not sangeet. He says punjabis want a chance to dance. He jokes. He says its Angad Maan’s engagement, dance should be there. Khushbeer asks Amrik to call his choreographer friend and ask him to get the DJ. Mahi says tell us your fav songs. Angad says I will forward the playlist. Tejo says its a message from academy, come with me for a moment. He asks right now. She says yes. He says she will take my class. They go. Rupy says we are seeing Tejo smiling after a long time. Satti says yes, I feel I got my old Tejo back. Khushbeer thinks I wish Fateh understands what he is losing. Tejo asks what’s happening, what’s the need to buy a costly ring, our engagement is not a real one. Angad says let me speak, its our engagement, we aren’t buying any veg, if I get any ring, then family will think Tejo is doing a compromise, I took what I liked.

She asks did you see the diamond size. He says sometimes my choice is loud. She asks what’s the need, what will we do of the ring later. He says I will touch your feet, jewellery doesn’t go waste, diamond is forever. Jasmin ends the call. She says no one cares for my choice, I will get everything done of my choice. She sees Angad and Tejo talking. She looks on. Angad says fine, I will change the ring, you change your mood. Tejo says no, mummy already doubts. He says I got emotional. She asks what’s the need to buy a real ring for a fake engagement. Jasmin is shocked. Angad does filmi drama. He says engagement is fake, not the party, dance, food, everything is real. He dances. Jasmin says such a rich man, why is he having a fake engagement with Tejo, it will be her dream, I will tell her truth to everyone, they should know she is so cunning, I will see if they will attend her fake engagement or our marriage. Bau ji and everyone taste the food and choose the menu. Khushbeer says Angad and Tejo should come and select it as well. Rupy sees Jasmin. Jasmin thinks they will not believe me, I will tell this to Fateh first. Fateh says thanks mummy ji, you are talking to me, you are coming in the marriage and blessing us. Satti says Rupy didn’t wish to come, Jasmin is dead for him, even I m troubled by her.

Jasmin says I want to talk to you. He says wait, someone else’s talk can be imp too. He says sorry, we both have hurt Tejo, we are sorry, Tejo’s engagement is relieving our guilt. Satti says this guilt will always be there, we got involved in the marriage because of her, she kept this condition in front of your dad, that we will bless you if she gets engaged. He says she knows I can’t do this marriage if elders don’t come. Jasmin thinks is Tejo doing this fake engagement for Fateh. She says oh God. He asks what happened. She says nothing. Satti sees her and says she has no regret in her eyes, stay away from Tejo’s life and keep her away, thank God Angad came in Tejo’s life, he is a nice guy, he takes good care of Tejo and will always do. She goes. Fateh says Jasmin you wanted to say something. Jasmin says no, I m happy that you spoke to mummy, everyone thinks I m selfish, its not like that, I love everyone, I m happy they will come in our marriage and bless us. She hugs him and thinks I shouldn’t tell anyone, else Fateh might refuse for the marriage.

Angad says its good playlist right, whom will it suit. The guy says aunty ji. Angad jokes. Gurpreet says you all dance, I can’t. He says its your daughter’s function. Mahi asks him to show his performance. Khushbeer says we will go and practice in our room. The elders go. Angad and Tejo dance. Fateh looks on. Jasmin thinks its my marriage and they are dancing. Tejo stumbles. Fateh worries. He recalls their dance moment. Angad holds her.

Precap: Jasmin asks family members where they are going. They say there is one more party in her house, they are going there. After they leave, Jasmin gets furious and says there will be no mehndi or sangeet here. Fateh tries to cool her down. Angad reaches the engagement venue. Fateh and Jasmin also reach there with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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