Udaariyaan 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jass twisting Tejo’s hand. He says you know I won’t leave you easily, I will press your weak nerve, your family is your weak point, it will become my strong point, you will beg and come to me. She asks what will you do. He asks did you get scared. He laughs. She cries. He says you got scared hearing the family’s name, just wait and watch, what I will do, what happened, are you scared, will you have the cake. He feeds her the cake. She turns away. He eats the cake. She cries. Simran asks Gurpreet not to worry, maybe Tejo went to her parents’ house. Tejo comes home crying. Khushbeer talks to Rupy on call. He says Tejo has come, I will talk later. Gurpreet asks where did you go, we were so worried. Khushbeer asks what happened. Simran asks why did you go when Papa stopped you. Tejo says sorry, I didn’t wish to go, Jass cheated me. She tells everything. Fateh comes. She says he was threatening me that if I don’t go back to him, don’t know what will he do. Fateh asks how dare he, I will not leave him. She says he said he will come home to take me, if I don’t go, then he will trouble you all. Fateh says let him come. She says it looked like he can do anything. Biji asks are you fine. Tejo says I m feeling scared, I don’t want to fall weak. Biji says you are brave, you fought him and came back. Gurpreet says don’t get scared. Khushbeer says I m not weak, I can save my daughter from such an animal.

Jass talks to Jasmin on call and laughs. He says my small threatening has made Virks tense. She asks what did you tell Tejo, that you will come home to take her, you could have taken her silently. He says you talk a lot, Lord gave you a good face, not any brain, I m a king, I have a trump card, just see how I get Tejo out of the house. Simran hugs Tejo and consoles her. Tejo says no, I can’t calm down, it was about me, now its about my family. Jasmin says you remember the deal, I want Tejo out of this house, and out of Fateh and my lives. Jass says I will get what I want, Tejo and my revenge, and much more. He ends call. Tejo thinks of Jass’ words. Her hands is about to get burnt. Fateh comes and holds her hand. He asks her where is your focus, your hand would have got burnt, where did Jass take you, tell me everything, I will not leave him. She says I don’t want your help, I will handle it. He holds her hand. He says maybe you don’t need me, how shall I forget that you always supported me, think its my need, let me help you please, this is about Jass, we three can deal with him, yes, Jasmin is also worried for you, she wants to help you. Tejo cries and recalls Jasmin’s words. Jasmin talks to Sweety on call about her plan of showing sympathy towards Tejo. Tejo says I don’t want Jasmin and your sympathy.

Na maaregi….plays… He goes. Jasmin says I told Fateh that we have to get married in order to save Tejo, I think he is agreeing to this, very soon… She stops talking seeing Fateh at the door. Lawyer says there is no loophole in Jass and Tejo’s case, the court will be closed now for Diwali. Khushbeer asks can’t we get Jass arrested. Lawyer asks how can we do this without any crime. Tejo gets snacks for him. Khushbeer asks why did you get this. She says I m scared that my bad fate can bring darkness in your life. He says this won’t happen, I won’t let Jass come close to you. He hugs her. Fateh hits the punching bag. Jasmin comes and says Fateh. He turns in anger and says sorry. She asks what happened. He says I feel helpless. She thinks he didn’t hear anything. He says Jass will come tomorrow, will we welcome him. She asks him to sit. She says when Jass comes, show him that I m your wife, not Tejo, Jass’ ego will get cool down, he may leave Tejo, we have another way also, we can go to Gurudwara and marry tomorrow itself. He says so much is happening already. She says if we get married, this can help Tejo. He says Jass will come, I will break his bones. She says he is coming to take his wife, by what right will you beat him. He asks why are you taking his side. She says Tejo is my sister, I want her good, Jass is mad, he can do anything, they are husband and wife, what can we do in this. He thinks.

Its morning, everyone is tensed and talk about Jass. Amrik says Jass can just threaten. Fateh says if he comes, I will break his legs. Khushbeer asks them to go to their rooms and rest, Jass won’t come. Jass comes dancing on dhol band. Everyone gets shocked seeing him. Police comes. Jass greets everyone. Khushbeer stops Fateh. Jass says your Jamai has come. He meets Jasmin and says you used to say Jass Jiju all the time, I came so prepared, you all are standing in shock, now I understand, my Sasural are in tension of expenses, don’t worry. Jasmin thinks he can take my name in his overacting. Jass sits there. He says Tejo, I know you all are angry seeing me, better go and make a strong tea for me, then we will sit and talk over tea, no expenses. Fateh gets angry. Jass says you know why I came here, your Bahu, sorry, your daughter, she is my legally wedded wife. Jasmin smiles. Jass says so I have come to take her. Tejo cries.

Tejo is at her parents’ house. Jass comes to take her. Rupy and everyone beat him up. Police comes and arrests Abhiraj, Harman and Rupy. Tejo cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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