Udaariyaan 22nd December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo caught between the chaos. Jasmin looks down the window. People burn the stalls. Police comes there. Tejo runs. Jasmin says Riya’s Nani didn’t call till now, I can’t even go out. The stalls fall down. Tejo runs to save herself. She gets hurt by a stone. She falls down. Tejo comes there. She looks around. She sees a boy and goes to him. She asks the people to stop it. The lady takes her son with her. Fateh looks for Tejo. Jasmin gets the lawyer’s call. She says don’t worry, I will meet Varun tomorrow, you will get the pics, thanks, bye. She says I have to do this work to earn money. A man hits on Tejo’s head. Fateh sees her and stops. He gets shocked. The man hits her head once again. Fateh sees her falling down. He shouts Tejo and runs to her. He holds her and says Tejo. Tejo sees Fateh….

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Fateh says Tejo…. A man attacks them. Fateh holds the rod. He puts Tejo down. He fights the man. He lifts Tejo and runs. Ambulance comes there. Fateh says her state is bad, please move. The people rush to the ambulance. Fateh sees a toy stall. He throws the balloons and puts Tejo on the moving stall. He pushes the stall and takes her. Ek mera yara….plays… He recalls Tejo’s words. They reach the hospital. He puts her on stretcher and takes her. He asks doctor to please see Tejo. Doctor says she has much blood loss. She asks ward boy to shift Tejo to emergency. Fateh says Tejo, you will get fine. Doctor asks him to stay there. He leaves Tejo’s hand. Tejo gets treated in the OT. Fateh says take care of her, Baba ji, she has not done wrong with anyone. He recalls her and cries. The nurse asks him did he come with Tejo. She asks him to sign. He signs. She asks him to go and get the dressing for his wounds. He sits there. Doctor comes. He asks how is Tejo. She says you prayed for her, she is fine. Angad comes and asks for Tejo Sandhu. Doctor sees him. He asks about Tejo. He says relax, I treated her, she is fine now. He asks can I meet her once. Tejo is brought on the wheelchair. Angad and Fateh see her. Doctor says she will be conscious soon. Angad takes Tejo. Doctor says a nice man had got her here. Angad says I want to meet him and thank. He goes out. Fateh leaves. Angad asks with whom did Tejo come. Nurse shows Fateh. Angad stops Fateh. Fateh wraps the muffler around his face. Angad holds him and says thank you for saving Tejo’s life. He hugs Fateh. He says you have saved my life, she is my life. Fateh thinks she is my life too. Angad says I m feeling like I know you. Fateh goes to get water. Angad says I feel like we met before, its fine, I m Angad Maan, thank you again, if you need anything, you can ask me, what’s your name. Tejo gets conscious and says Fateh…. Nurse goes out.

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Nurse says Tejo got conscious. Angad runs to see. Tejo recalls Fateh. Angad asks how are you feeling now, better? She nods. He says I was so worried. She asks how did I come here. He says a nice person has got you here on time. She says Fateh…. Fateh looks on. She asks was he Fateh. He says I don’t know, I also felt I know him, he didn’t tell his name, but Fateh and Jasmin would be enjoying in Canada, did you lose your memory, who am I, where am I. He jokes. She says I m Tejo. He says memory is intact, I thought you will lose your memory. He jokes. She smiles. He shows the engagement ring and says I won’t let you forget this. Fateh looks on. Yeh dooriyaan….plays…. Fateh smiles seeing her laugh and goes.

Fateh thinks why are sorrows there in Tejo’s life. Jasmin is also on the way. She says Riya’s Nani isn’t answering my call, she can inform Angad, my plan will flop, I will ruin Tejo and Fateh. Fateh sits near the bonfire with some men. Jasmin leaves. He turns.
Guard says someone came to meet you. Angad sees Fateh and asks how are you, Fateh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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