Udaariyaan 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh seeing Angad and Tejo’s dance. Angad jokes. Tejo laughs. The man says who is next. Jasmin says us. Fateh says I don’t want to dance. She says its our marriage, come. Angad says show some excitement bro, surprise is after the marriage, do some dance and romance. Jasmin says be it dance or romance, we will show everyone that we are the best. Tejo looks at Fateh. Jasmin and Fateh dance. Angad takes Tejo for dance. He gets a call. He says Rajat irritates me, I m the boss. He checks the call and says its an imp call, I will talk and just come. He goes out. She thinks what happened to him, I hope everything is fine.

Angad asks the lady to make him talk to her. The lady says the girl isn’t listening, she isn’t eating the food. He says make me talk to her. She gives the phone to the girl. He asks her to have food. She refuses. He says even I won’t have food. She says you never come to meet me, you are bad, I won’t have food. He says don’t get upset, I love you. She says its a lie, you don’t come to meet me, you just promise that you will come and never come. He says this time, I promise I will come, have food first. She says no, you come first. She goes. The lady says we will handle her. He says feed her the food somehow, make her believe that I will come soon to meet her, I have no permissions, I will see what to do till the next court date, I beg you. She says okay. He ends call and recalls the accident. Tejo looks on and thinks there is some deep secret behind his laugh.

Jasmin says thanks Mahi, I m excited seeing you all excited for mehendi and sangeet. Mahi says everyone is excited because its…. Jasmin says wow, we will not let anyone else come on the dance floor today. Mahi goes. Fateh comes and asks what’s all this, those ladies, band players. Jasmin says yes, I did this. He asks what’s the need to spend much for two people. She says Mahi said everyone is excited for our mehendi and sangeet, get ready, I will also get ready. They get ready and come. She says I got all the decoration done. He asks where is everyone. She says they will come, we will dance and make the ambience. They dance. Everyone comes. She runs to get them for dance. Fateh smiles. Khushbeer says stop it. Jasmin says thanks for coming in our sangeet, I m so happy, we will enjoy a lot, Mahi, Simran di, you can ask the ladies to apply the mehendi designs, come we all will dance. Candy says Nana ji we are getting late, come fast. Khushbeer says as you say, come everyone. Jasmin says wait, where are you going, its your son’s sangeet here. Simran says there is another party at your house, we are going there. Jasmin asks why, Tejo and Angad’s engagement is tomorrow. Gurpreet says yes, but Rupy wanted to keep a function for Tejo, so we are going there. Biji gives some money to Fateh. She says ward off bad sight and give it to someone. She asks them to play music and have their sangeet. Everyone leaves. Fateh looks on sadly.

Tejo gets ready and comes. She dances with the family. Khushbeer and everyone come. Jasmin says there won’t be any mehendi and sangeet now. She throws the things. Fateh holds her. Jasmin shouts on the ladies and asks them to go. The lady asks for money for wasting her time. Fateh gives money to them. The lady says you are marrying this girl, she is mad. Jasmin shouts. The ladies leave. Angad comes. Khushbeer says congrats. Rupy says same to you. Gurpreet says Tejo looks so lovely. Biji asks Satti to apply black dot to Tejo. Bau ji says apply it to my babyjaan also. Satti applies the kajal to them. Khushbeer asks didn’t Angad come. Tejo says he would be coming. Jasmin says you have come, you also insult me. Fateh says behave yourself. Jasmin shouts and argues. Angad asks at Tejo’s house, I thought… Jasmin says don’t tell me that you didn’t know, the real party of the real engagement is happening there, not here. Tejo and everyone are dancing. They see Angad coming with the bouquet. Tejo smiles. Fateh and Jasmin come. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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