Udaariyaan 23rd October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jass troubling Tejo and all in her house. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer not to worry, Tejo is at her home. He says I won’t get peace, Jass is roaming free. Jass eats the food. He stops Tejo and asks her to serve some food also. He says come, sit with me, I m having roti. Tejo asks why are we treating him well. Satti says we don’t want him to trouble you. Bebe asks did you call Fateh. Tejo says Jass is clever, don’t know where I kept my phone. Fateh comes home. He says Tejo broke even the relation of friendship with me, I deserve this, I wish everything is fine there. Jass says take the plate, I had the food, get some drinks. Tejo scolds him. She says you are threatening me about the papers, I won’t need much time to get out of this problem. He says become my wife till then, I won’t sign the divorce papers, I m your husband for six days, go and get the wine, what are you seeing, didn’t you had drinks with your illegal husband till now.

Tejo asks Jass to drink and then sleep. Jass holds her close and says sit with me for some time. She scolds him and calls him a fraud. He says don’t call me a fraud, I love you. Satti says come with me Tejo. He says she has to do what I say, I m her husband. He holds Tejo close again. Bebe says stay in your limits. Lovely says leave her. Jass asks Satti to go and get ice for him. He asks Bebe to go and sleep. Satti gets the ice. Jass says both your daughters are so beautiful, Tejo is good, but Jasmin is clever, why did you both get the same guy. Tejo throws the drink on his face. He gets angry. Everyone stops him. Tejo thinks to call Fateh. Fateh comes and says Jasmin… She dances for him on Aaj jaane…plays… Fateh holds her.

They lie there and laugh. Fateh gets his phone. Jasmin sees Tejo’s call and throws the phone away. Tejo says answer the call Fateh, where are you. Jasmin says please forget all the tensions. He says you are looking so beautiful, my half tiredness got away seeing you. She says I want to see you away from all the problems, don’t you want our life to be beautiful and filled with joy, we will get married, please. Tejo calls again. Jasmin asks don’t you want Tejo to move on and stay happy, then we will also get peace and freedom from Jass. He nods. Tejo calls Khushbeer. Jass comes and snatches the phone. He asks whom are you talking to, Mr. Fateh, he won’t come to help you, he would be in your sister’s arm and sharing his sorrow. Fateh says don’t worry, we will marry soon. He hugs Jasmin. Tejo pushes Jass and runs. She asks Satti for her phone. Jass comes and takes everyone’s phones. He scolds them and asks them to go to their rooms. Tejo thinks to go out and ask for help. Khushbeer thinks of Tejo. He takes some water. He drops the glass. Fateh comes and says be careful. He asks are you fine, did you take medicines. Khushbeer asks what medicines shall I take when Tejo left. Tejo finds the gate locked. She cries. Jass smiles seeing her. He shows the key and says you can’t go out without my permission, I won’t say yes. Khushbeer hurts his hand. He says I couldn’t do anything when Tejo left.

Fateh says Tejo is strong, she will handle everything, don’t worry, take care of yourself. Jass says I have to take care of all the women’s safety, don’t go out, don’t act smart, remember how the police came, my goons will come, don’t complain then, come in. Dilraj shouts on him. Jass lifts him and jumps. Tejo says leave him, we will do what you say. Jass laughs and drops him down. Fateh asks Khushbeer to have the medicine for Tejo’s sake. Khushbeer takes it. Bebe says go and sleep in the guest room. Jass says I will go and sleep in my wife’s room, come. Tejo gets away. He goes. Tejo hugs Satti. They cry. Fateh cries. He thinks I wish Tejo didn’t leave this way. Jass decorates the room. He says look Jaan, how I decorated everything, sorry to take the chunri from your cupboard, isn’t it nice. Fateh checks Tejo’s missed calls. Jass says I left you that day, I was a bad boy, sorry, see I decorated this. Fateh calls her. He calls Satti. Tejo asks what’s this nonsense. Jass says its suhaagraat which was left incomplete last time, I will complete it now. Fateh says something is wrong, their phones are off, what shall I do.

Jass laughs. Tejo says don’t come close else…. Fateh sees the lock. Tejo shouts at Jass and threatens to kill him. Fateh looks at the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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