Udaariyaan 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Angad asking do you want Tejo, tell me. Fateh asks why are you saying this, I will never come between you both, trust me, I will never show my face to you both, what did I give to Tejo except tears, I have seen her staying happy with you, I have a request, don’t tell her that I m here, promise. He says no, I can’t hide this, we stay in Rampur, none can hide you, there is a solution, you go somewhere far from here.

He says its simple thing, if Tejo sees you then… its not easy for her to forget you, but she is trying to move on, so she has come here with me, if she sees you, then her wounds will get fresh, go away somewhere, I have 50 businesses, choose any, I will settle you. Fateh says no need, I will manage. Angad says I m always there for you. Fateh says you and Tejo marry soon, I will think that my repentance is complete. Angad signs fingers crossed. He gets Tejo’s call. He says she would be waiting for me for lunch, take care. He goes. Fateh recalls his words. Tejo says he didn’t come till now. Babli asks her to have food and medicines. Tejo says I will come later. Angad is on the way. He recalls Tejo. He sees his engagement ring.

Angad comes home. She asks where were you, Riya was asking for you, what happened. He says just like a perfect indian wife, no one will say that our engagement is fake, you look a real wife, if the judge sees this then he will give Riya’s custody to us, just joking. She asks him to come and have food. He recalls her words. She says I m feeling hungry, we shall have food, come. He holds her hand and thinks shall I tell her about Fateh, she has a right. He says I have to tell something imp. He holds her and says Fateh is here, in Rampur, he didn’t go to Canada, he faked marriage with Jasmin to punish her, it was all a drama, he saved you in the market and took you to the hospital, Sharma’s driver Jaideep is Fateh. Tejo recalls. She steps back and cries. He says I met him at Sharma’s house. She says Fateh… and runs. She drives off. Angad looks on.

Fateh sits near the bonfire. Tejo comes there. Saara jag ….plays… He gets shocked seeing her. She cries and runs to hug him. She hugs him. She asks why did you do this, why didn’t you tell me, you didn’t try to meet me, why, you didn’t know what I feel for you, I love you Fateh a lot, I can’t live without you. He says even I couldn’t live without you, but Angad. She says Angad and I are friends, we faked the engagement for your marriage. He says he loves you. She says he will understand, he is a good man, he will never separate us, I just love you, no one else, you don’t know how I lived without you, I used to see you everywhere and I came here running away from memories, but I always felt your presence. He cries.

She says you felt you will hide from me, why don’t you understand that we can’t stay away, I love you. He hugs her and says I m sorry Tejo, I have hurt your heart a lot, forgive me. She says no, don’t punish yourself, I want to live with you, love happens once, you are my love and my everything, you also love me, right, tell me, do you still love Jasmin. He stops her. He says Jasmin was my love, but you are my Ishq, its like worship, I can’t say how much happy I m, you freed me from my pain and guilt, I feel I got alive, I really love you. He lifts her and shouts I love you Tejo. They hug. Angad looks on.

Tejo says Angad ji…. Angad’s imagination ends. She asks him to have water. He says doctor said you have to take rest, health is wealth, sit in the room, go. She says we will have food together. He says I will freshen up and come. He goes. He thinks of Tejo and Fateh’s words. He says am I m bad man. He cries. Fateh sees Tejo in the mirror and smiles. He sees her with Angad.

Jasmin takes pics with Angad. Fateh sees Jasmin and stops. He thinks why is she doing here. She checks the pics.

Update Credit to: Amena

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