Udaariyaan 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jasmin crying and talking to Fateh. She asks what will we do now, everything is ruined. He says forget that entry, we are getting married. She says that was my dream. He says I m your biggest dream, that’s getting fulfilled, I will fulfill all your dreams, you will go mad, my surprise is also there. She asks what is it, tell me. He says you will go mad by happiness when the surprise is out, don’t cry, tears get bad luck, its our marriage day, I want you to have happiness on your face. Simran asks Tejo to come.

Tejo says I can’t come in this room, its not mine. Simran says its still yours, after you left, Fateh didn’t come here and he didn’t let Jasmin come, its the same as you left. Tejo looks at the room and recalls Fateh’s words. Simran says he is nothing without you even today. Tejo cries. Khushbeer asks pandit to come at 12pm, first engagement is there and then the marriage. Fateh comes and asks did you call the pandit. Khushbeer asks will you chant the mantras yourself. Fateh says I have also called a pandit, I don’t want any drama, you know Jasmin’s mood. Khushbeer says you care for her. Fateh says you have called the old pandit, I don’t want any drama, its an imp day for Tejo and Angad, you can decide. He goes.

Khushbeer says why don’t you understand about the family’s betterment. Tejo recalls Fateh and Jasmin’s words. She prays nothing goes wrong, Jasmin and Fateh’s marriage happens well. Her earring falls. Angad comes and picks it. He does shayari. She smiles. He compliments. She says flirting started. He praises himself. She looks at him. She says you were praising yourself. He says if you make me swear, I can praise you, you look good, if you fix this rose, then you will look the best, may I. He fixes the rose in her hair and says we can have a good future, think. She says I would like to stay forever with you, as a friend, there is no imp relation than friendship in this world, we will have a fake engagement, but we will become true friends. He jokes.

He says fine, just good friends, friendship is the first step to love. She jokes. They laughs. Fateh comes. He says sorry, the door was open. Angad asks him to come. Fateh says I came to congratulate you, we will get busy in sometimes, congratulations to both of you. Angad says congrats to you too. They hug. Fateh sees Tejo. He gets a call and goes. Angad says I will talk to Virk uncle and come. She asks what is it. He says I m his would be Jamai, he has to fulfill my demands. He goes.

Khushbeer and everyone welcome Tejo’s family. Rupy hugs him and asks what happened, your mood looks bad, did Jasmin do anything. Angad says I spoiled his mood, I didn’t keep any demand, but a condition, he will become my Papa ji today, everyone will be from the girl’s side, I will be alone. Bau ji says we all are with you. He asks Khushbeer to agree, Tejo will be his daughter. Angad hugs him. Khushbeer sees Fateh and recalls his words. Rupy says I will do father’s duty for Tejo, don’t worry. Khushbeer thinks my hope regarding Fateh is baseless. He says fine, I m ready to become your dad, but you have to promise me. Angad asks will you name my property to yourself. Khushbeer says yes, I want you to dedicate your sincerity and love property to Tejo, promise me, you will never let tears come in her eyes.

Angad says if she gets sad, then your shoe and my head. Khushbeer says don’t say this, you are our pride. He hugs Angad. He says so decided, Virk family is of the groom and Sandhu family is of the bride, call Tejo for engagement. Angad says engagement later, first marriage function. He asks Fateh to come, everyone is waiting. Fateh comes and says there is time for mahurat, keep engagement first. He signs the pandit. He goes on a call. Angad and Tejo dance. Everyone smiles. Jasmin says I will wear something else, remove this necklace now. Sweety says Fateh loves you a lot, you are so lucky. Jasmin asks where is he, his sehra is here, go and look for him, we don’t have much time. She thinks he would be planning for my surprise. She smiles. Fateh leaves. Everyone is dancing.

Tejo and Angad sit. Satti does his tilak and feeds him the sweets. Rupy makes him wear the gold chain. Angad smiles. Jasmin calls Sweety and asks where is Fateh. Sweety says I can’t find him anywhere. Jasmin calls him. She says his phone is not reachable. Sweety asks did you see Fateh. Nimmo says he would be getting ready in his room, don’t say the groom is missing.

Angad shows the ring to Tejo. He says think again, there is still time. He says one can’t find a girl like Tejo, if she told me to do a engagement drama, then I would have done that also. Biji says why drama, you both are going to have a relation today. He says yes, even if that relation is of friendship. Jasmin says where did Fateh go. Sweety says he would come, did he fly away. The girls laugh. Jasmin asks how can he do, he would be planning a surprise for me. Fateh drives to home. Tejo recalls Jasmin’s words. Khushbeer thinks Fateh there is still time, stop this engagement, fate may not give you a chance again. Fateh comes home. Angad looks at Tejo.


Update Credit to: Amena

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