Udaariyaan 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jass holding Tejo and saying have some pity. She asks him to leave her. She hits his leg and goes to get the fruit knife. She scolds him. He says I have a right on you. She says if I m your wife, then will you force me. He says yes, I will celebrate suhaagraat with you all night. She says Jass, don’t think a woman is weak, if she is Sita, then Durga also, if she is Radha, then she is Chandi also, don’t dare to touch me, I will rectify my mistake, it will happen when you die. Fateh comes there. He sees the lock. Satti hits on Jass’ head. He falls there. He sees the ladies. Fateh calls Tejo.

Satti says don’t forget, a woman gives birth to a man like you. They scold Jass and shout. Fateh thinks they aren’t here, their phones are not reachable, but Tejo’s room light is on. Jass says don’t get serious, its a game, I got a sheet for me, phones are kept in this bag, good night, I m going to the guest room to sleep. Bebe says I will see him, you both stay with Tejo. Satti hugs Tejo. They cry. Fateh climbs the wall. Jass sleeps. Bebe says thank God, he slept. She prays.

Fateh jumps inside the window. Tejo gets up and points the knife. Fateh says Tejo, its me, relax. Tejo cries and hugs him. He also cries. He asks what happened, what is all this. She tells everything. He asks why did you tolerate all this, I will not leave him alive, leave me. She stops him. She says try to understand, if we do anything, then we will lose to him, its about family, if we do any mistake then he will use it against us. He says so much happened, I wish I came before, I have an idea to make Jass out of your life permanently. She asks what. He says come with me to the police station tomorrow morning. She says don’t tell this to the family, we will bear this, you go now. He asks what are you saying, I won’t go. She says I can protect myself, Tai ji, Bebe and mummy are there for me, if he sees you here, then much can happen, please go. He says okay, be ready, I will come at 10am to take you, take care. She cries. He waves her and leaves from the window.

Its morning, Jass wakes up and sees Bebe. He asks what are you doing here. She says I got lemon water for you, you got drunk at night, have it. He asks is it really lemon water, thanks you take care of me. Lovely recalls adding a pill in the glass. Satti is with Tejo. Tejo gets down the boundary wall. Fateh extends his hand to her. He holds her hand and signs her to jump. She jumps. He holds her in his arms. They have an eyelock. Satti smiles. Fateh takes Tejo. They leave in the car. Tejo meets Rupy and all. She says don’t worry, Fateh has come with me. Rupy says I couldn’t protect you. She says Fateh has an idea. She goes to Fateh. Inspector says we have seen everything, you are his wife legally, we can’t help. Tejo says he isn’t a person, but a devil. Fateh says he is a big criminal, its imp to expose his truth, check the records. Inspector says there are no criminal charges on him. Tejo says his mum took all the blames on her. Inspector says his mum is in the central jail, you may get any information there. Fateh says don’t worry, I know who can help us, come.

Khushbeer says thank God Tejo is fine, but why do you care for her now after hurting her. Fateh says everyone has hurt her, she did this marriage by getting under elders’ pressure, I know its against your principles, but you have to do this. Khushbeer asks what do you mean. Fateh says you were a MLA before, talk to the commissioner once, you have done a lot for this pind, I m sure he will agree. Khushbeer asks what shall I do. Satti says Jass should sleep until Tejo comes. Fateh and Tejo come to the central jail. The jailer says commissioner called me, you can check the records, I will just come. They check the register. Satti says Jass is moving, I don’t have phone to call Tejo and Fateh. Bebe says go and make breakfast for him, I wish they find a way to get rid of him. Fateh says Rukmani Walia meets Jass’ mum every month, she comes from Rohtak. Tejo says I know Rohtak, my friend got married there. He says we should go there and get some proof. She says right, I will come along. He says Jass can doubt if you aren’t at home, you go home, don’t worry, I will find out everything and come. She says okay. Jass wakes up and shouts Tejo. Bebe asks what do you want, tell me. He asks where is Tejo. Lovely gets the food. He throws the plate and asks Bebe to get back. He shouts Tejo and goes to see. Fateh says I will drop you and go. Tejo says I informed Sumi, she will make you meet her husband. Fateh says I can come back by evening, take care, I will be tensed until Jass is at home. Satti says Tejo went to college. Jass asks did she go by window, the gate is locked. Satti says exams are going on. He says lie, her life’s test is going on here. He takes the stick from Bebe’s hand. Tejo gets hurt.

Fateh says sorry, something came in front of the car suddenly. She says its okay, my head is spinning. He asks did you have any food since yesterday. She says its fine. He stops the car and says we will have some food first, you are having weakness. She says I have to go home, you go and find proof against Jass. He says you have to handle Jass also, come and have food. Jass asks where is Tejo. Dilraj says I don’t know. Jass holds him upside down. They all shout. Jass says I will break your head. Fateh and Tejo come to some tea stall. She sits sad. Fateh looks at her. He gets the tea and toast for her. She looks at him. She recalls Fateh and her moments. She goes away. Fateh holds her. She wipes her tears and goes. He thinks forgive me Tejo, I know I have hurt you a lot, I will soon get you out of this pain.


Update Credit to: Amena

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