Udaariyaan 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Angad making Tejo wear the ring. Everyone claps. Fateh comes and looks on. Tejo makes Angad wear the ring. Fateh cries. Tejo and Angad stand up. They go and take elders’ blessings. Khushbeer hugs them and blesses. Fateh thinks Tejo, I just wish you to always stay happy. He goes. Sweety asks Jasmin not to take tension. Fateh comes and asks can I talk to Jasmin for some time. Sweety and friends go. Jasmin says its our marriage, when will you get ready, tell me if you don’t want to marry. He says you look very beautiful, let me look at my bride for 2 mins. She says I would have died if you came late. He asks did you think I have run away, I m not one of those to run away, I have fought the world and family for you, we will run away together now. She asks what. He says this is your surprise. She checks. She sees the tickets.

She gets shocked seeing her name on the ticket. She says these tickets, Canada, Fateh…. we are going to Canada. He says of course. She says I can’t believe it, finally we are going. She jumps on the bed. She says we are going tomorrow, are you joking with me. He says no. She says thanks Fateh, you are the best, I love you. She hugs him. She says we will be going to Canada, and we will stay together. He says its just the half surprise. She says I can’t wait for the remaining surprise, tell me. He says I will tell you tomorrow, its better than this, I have one request, don’t tell anyone till this marriage happens, I want this marriage to happen by everyone’s happiness. She says I forgot about the marriage, go and get ready, take your sehra. He goes. She dances and says I m going to Canada.

Fateh looks at his sherwani. He recalls his promise to Khushbeer. He says I couldn’t keep the family pride. Angad comes and says you aren’t ready yet, you are upset as if its your bidaai, you have to marry the one you love, get ready. Fateh thinks of Tejo. Jasmin gets ready. She sees Mama ji and Mami ji. She asks what are you two doing here. Mami ji says I m seeing a bride without a chuda for the first time. Jasmin says no need to do this drama, Tejo would have sent you to create a drama. She says yes, we came here on Tejo’s saying. Tejo hides and looks on. Mama ji says don’t say wrong, its your marriage, we have forgiven you, we have no anger or complains now. Swaroop Mami says yes, Tejo called us to make you wear the chuda, we have got the chuda/bangles for you. Mama ji says I got the best design chuda and its of your size this time. Jasmin recalls the last time. She thanks them. Tejo smiles. Jasmin says but chuda rasam happens in the morning. Mamiji says don’t worry, it will happen.

Angad asks Khushbeer to make Fateh wear the sehra. Bebe says Angad is also like Tejo, he spreads happiness. Jasmin sits for the chuda rasam. Mami ji asks Jasmin to close her eyes. Mama ji makes Jasmin wear the chuda. Tejo looks on and cries. Khushbeer makes Fateh wear the sehra. Gurpreet lifts the sehra. She does his aarti and tilak. Jasmin opens eyes and sees the red cloth tied to her chuda. Nimmo sees Tejo outside Jasmin’s room. She says you have a big heart, Tejo, Jasmin ruined your life, you got a chuda for her, don’t know this chuda will suit her or not. She goes. Biji ties the black thread to Fateh’s hand. Tejo thanks Mami ji. Mami ji says you stood for Jasmin by keeping a stone on your heart, you will get a reward for this, always stay happy. She hugs Tejo. Fateh sits on the horse. Angad asks Simran to get meals for the horse.

Gurpreet cries. Simran and Gurpreet feed the horse. Angad dances with Bau ji. The baraat proceeds. Sweety says I m very happy for you, why are you upset. Jasmin says I can’t stay happy until Tejo is here, she has a habit to snatch my happiness, Fateh and I will be gone away tomorrow. Sweety asks honeymoon. Jasmin says Fateh and I are going to Canada forever. Sweety says double lottery. Jasmin says yes, see the tickets. Tejo looks on shocked. Fateh gets down the horse and goes towards the house. Jasmin says Mr and Mrs. Virk, our Canada tickets, its Balle Balle, I m going to Canada, Tejo won’t be able to see Fateh’s face, they will get away forever, he will be mine, only mine. Satti does Fateh’s aarti and tilak. Tejo cries. Jasmin smiles happily. Fateh takes Satti’s blessings.

Precap: Jasmin comes dancing to the mandap. Fateh’s sister informs Gurpreet and family that Fateh is going to Canada with Jasmin. Tejo cries and tells Angad, I don’t want to stay here. I want to go far away. Place where no one even knows my name. Gurpreet questions Fateh whether he is going to Canada tomorrow. Fateh looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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