Udaariyaan 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jass asking shall I cut your cheeks, tell me, where is your Didi. Dilraj and everyone scream. Tejo says drive faster Fateh, don’t know what’s happening there. Fateh thinks I wish I could tell you, I promise, I will get you out of this problem. He thinks to hold her hand and stops. Satti asks Lovely to take away Dilraj. Jass asks which is your phone, call Tejo. Satti says you have her phone. He says she went to college, she will have some friend, call her. Tejo says why is mummy calling. Satti says Tejo come home quickly, Jass woke up, he is waiting for you, you also didn’t eat anything, just come soon. Tejo says okay. Fateh asks shall I come along. Tejo says no. He says you use this phone, be careful, Jass shouldn’t see this.

Jasmin makes some food. She says Sweety, Fateh has gone out for work, you come at the academy, I m so happy, I will take the best dress for the wedding. Gurpreet and Nimmo come. Jasmin acts. She says I have much work at the academy, it will take the entire day. She goes. Nimmo asks will she see the academy. Gurpreet says she isn’t Tejo, Tejo had saved the academy, don’t know how is she there. Tejo comes home. She sees the things fallen and broken. Jass sees her. She asks what did you do. He says I would have done tandav if you came 10 mins late, you were dying to meet your lover, so you made me asleep and ran away. They argue. He holds her face and asks how dare you go to college. She says you had locked the gate, I had no option, I had imp work in the college. He scolds all of them and goes. Satti asks did you find anything. Tejo says Fateh and I found something, I hope we get some good news, we have to keep courage. Satti says we will fight him. Jasmin talks to Sweety and says this dress is so good. She sees Fateh and acts. She says don’t waste my time, Sweety, I have work. He smiles. She hugs him and says I m troubled dealing with the vendors, you are my life. He says if I say where I went, then you will be proud. She asks where did you go. He says I got a proof against Jass, he will be out of our lives and inside the jail. She asks what did you find out, tell me, I m worried for Tejo. He says I will fix everything, I promise you, I will tell you tomorrow, I will have his birthchart with me. She holds her head and sits. He asks are you fine. She says maybe I worked a lot today. He asks her to go home. He says I will meet the investor and come, go. She leaves.

Jass says its time to have wine, sit with me and drink, please. Jasmin hires an auto and leaves. She says I have to tell everything to Jass, else he will get me into a problem. Jass says Tejo, some drink this with soda and some with water, I like it with you. Satti gets Fateh’s call. She shows it to Tejo. Fateh says Jass would be around her, how shall I tell Tejo. Jass says have some. Tejo says fine, I have to go to washroom first. Jass says fine, go and come, then drink a little. She takes the phone and goes to her washroom. She calls Fateh. She asks did you come back, did you find anything. He says yes, I got a solid proof, I need time till tomorrow. Jass comes there and asks her how much time will she take. She says 2 mins. He gets Jasmin’s call. She says meet me right now. He says no, Tejo and I will have wine and pakodas. She says no, come fast and meet me, please. He says fine. She says I m waiting. He says Tejo, I have to go for imp work, I m locking the gate, don’t act smart, you know I m so mean, bye. He leaves. Tejo comes out and says he left, tell me now.

Jass asks what nonsense, what did Fateh get. Jasmin says I don’t know much. He twists her hand and says don’t act smart. She says leave my hand, I will tell you if Fateh tells me anything more, he said he will do something tomorrow, he has some proof, he was away all day. He says Tejo was also away, were they together. She says yes. He says he would have got some proof, but he can’t do anything against me. She says don’t do anything to him, whatever you want to do, do it with Tejo, run from here as of now. He asks what, where is the money. She says I will give it later, just run away. He says right, I will run away, you were showing bravery before, I will cut you down if you don’t pay me, who else did he tell this. She says he would have told this to Tejo by now. Fateh says I met your friend’s husband, we have to find Rukmani. Tejo says do it fast, I m worried seeing Dilraj, he is so scared of Jass. Fateh asks did Jass come. She says no, maybe he has come now. He says okay, keep my number on speed dial. Satti, Lovely and Bebe stand with Tejo. They see someone coming.

Fateh sees a shadow and asks who is it, maybe its an illusion, I will go home, Jasmin will be waiting. He sees someone and takes a hockey stick. Jasmin is at home. She worries. She says Jass can take my name in front of Tejo, what shall I do. Fateh looks around. She says I will call Fateh, no, he asked me to wait till tomorrow, I will stick to him and call Jass if he tells me anything, I will sleep now. The goons put a sack on Fateh and beat him. The man says Jass has sent me to keep a watch on you all, he has some work, he won’t come tonight. Jass picks the hockey stick. He says I will see what you do tomorrow. He laughs. Satti says its good, we got rid of him. Tejo says no, I m sure that he is preparing some new problem. Fateh gets tied up. Jass says calm down, I have come to save you. He removes the sack.

Tejo says did Jass do anything to Fateh. She calls Fateh. Jass says Tejo’s new number, what a connection. He throws the phone and says connection broke. She says his phone is coming off now. Jass says Fateh is my friend, he worked a lot in my marriage, show me how you built your body to beat me. He tears Fateh’s shirt. He says you would be angry and want to meet me, what proof did you get. Fateh thinks how does he know. Jass says I will ask ransom to your dad, he will pay me, then I will go to Canada. He asks the goon to click a good selfie. He points gun at Fateh. He shows pic to Fateh and says now your dad won’t refuse to pay me money. Fateh says free me once and then see. Jass taunts him and laughs. He goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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