Udaariyaan 27th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Angad warning Fateh and pushing him down. Fateh thinks what happened that Angad reacted like this. Tejo sees the pics. She thinks this girl has the same wound on her hand, does Angad know this girl, Riya said that girl had her doll, why did that girl kidnap Riya from the mall, Angad has to tell me. Angad comes home hurt. Tejo gets worried. She asks what’s all this, how did you get hurt.

He says I was crossing road, and got hurt by a scooter. She says its not such wound, did you start boxing, even Fateh used to come with such wounds. He gets angry and scolds her. He says you know I get hurt by his name, you always take his name. She asks when did I take his name. He says don’t misunderstand me, when that man has hurt you so much, then forget him. She says I m trying to forget him, so I left my house and pind. He says Tejo ji, sorry, I promised to make you smile, you get sad when you talk about Fateh, don’t take his name in front of me, else I will become angry young man instead the cool dude. She says you are saying right. She does the aid to Angad’s wounds. Pyaar hua….plays…

Fateh does the aid to his wounds. He recalls Tejo. Angad says if you take care like this, then I will bump into a scooter every day. Tejo asks really, you are getting filmi. He thinks Tejo should agree for the marriage.

Fateh asks Sharma about Angad. Sharma says he is a good person, his brother died in the accident, Angad has his brother’s daughter Riya, she is his world, but her Nani wants to get her. Fateh thinks it means Angad is a good man, Tejo is safe. Jasmin talks to Riya’s Nani on call. Jasmin says I know what I have to do, Riya will be with you, wait for my call. Angad and Tejo are on the way. Jasmin follows them. Fateh follows Jasmin. Angad and Tejo go somewhere. Fateh hides from her and looks on. Jasmin calls Babli and says I m calling from hospital, your son met with an accident, come fast. Babli gets worried.

Jasmin calls Riya’s Nani and says Tejo and Angad won’t come home for some time, you go there and get Riya. Jasmin goes to Angad’s car. She has a knife in her hand. Fateh goes and holds her hand. She turns and gets shocked seeing him. He takes her to the car. She scolds him and asks who are you, whose passport do you want to burn today, Tejo’s love got you here. He says you want to hurt Tejo, I don’t want you to do this, I punished you for your sins. She says you cheated me, I loved you. He asks didn’t your drama end. She says I didn’t know, your Tejo is so clever, she trapped Angad and you in her love. He says shut up, she doesn’t know that I m here. She asks doesn’t she know that you are her secret bodyguard, really, she is happy with Angad, what are you doing here.

He says I m saving her from you, what’s your plan. She says you have gone mad in her love, you always have some intense love, you left Tejo for me and then left me for Tejo. He asks what are you planning. He says I don’t want to ruin her happiness, come with me, we will show Tejo that we are happy together, Tejo can move on in her life easily. She gets Riya Nani’s call. He answers and puts on speaker. He hears Nani’s talks. He says don’t do anything by listening to this girl, she is cunning, don’t try to take Riya. He disconnects. He asks what is going on, you are using Riya for your revenge. Babli calls Angad and says my son met with an accident, I have to go to hospital. He says wait until we come. The call ends. Angad says Riya will be alone at home.

Tejo says we shall go back. They leave. Fateh says I won’t let this happen. He takes Jasmin in the car. Jasmin asks him to stop the car. She says wait, I don’t want to go anywhere with you. She pulls handbrakes and stops the car. She gets down the car. Fateh says I will take you away from Tejo, get lost, if I see you around Tejo… She says I m not scared of you, I have money and contacts, what will you do. Fateh says you buy happiness with that money. She says I m doing this to take revenge on Tejo. He says you didn’t change, I was such mad to love you, I left everything for you, my house, family and Tejo, I regret, I m angry on myself, so I m repenting, I will always protect Tejo, I will go to her and tell our truth.

Tejo says Riya will get a family if you get married. Angad says I have one girl on my mind. Jasmin learns about the new client. Fateh is in disguise. Jasmin meets him. They dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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