Udaariyaan 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Doctor checking Jasmin. Gurpreet and Khushbeer come to see Jasmin. Gurpreet asks is she fine. Doctor asks Satti to take care of Jasmin in pregnancy, take care of her diet, its not good to stay hungry, if she stays such, then baby’s growth will get affected. Doctor injects Jasmin.

Tejo gets scared. Fateh calms Tejo and holds her. Jasmin acts seeing Gurpreet and everyone. She asks when did you all come, why are you all looking at me, is my baby fine. Gurpreet says yes. Lovely says you didn’t eat food, you fainted by weakness. Jasmin recalls leaving the food and saying I had pizza burger, I will eat the chocolate now, family thinks I m hungry. She smiles.

Rupy asks why don’t you want to have anything. Gurpreet says one doesn’t like to eat in this condition, ask Satti, its her responsibility to feed her daughter some way. Fateh asks Tejo to go to the terrace and fly kites. Tejo says no. Fateh sends her. Navraj asks Tejo to come. Tejo says no, I want to stay here. Satti asks Jasmin to say why isn’t she eating the food. She says I will make the food you want to eat.

Jasmin moves the pillow and shows the wedding card to Gurpreet. Gurpreet gets the card and says Jasmin’s marriage broke, so she doesn’t want to have the food. Tejo takes that card and says Jasmin is a bad girl, she is a liar, its my marriage card. Fateh hugs her. He takes her along. Gurpreet argues with Rupy and Satti. Jasmin smiles.

Rupy says she is my daughter, I can’t lock her in the room, she has a right to meet people, we are getting her treated. Fateh says Jasmin is unwell, we should take care of her, don’t call her bad and liar, please, else I will get upset. She says I won’t say, promise, but I don’t like her. Rupy says Jasmin is also my daughter, don’t worry, we will take care of her. Gurpreet says you got a servant to take care of Jasmin, you all can look after Jasmin at least. She says I will take care of you, you eat food for my sake.

Jasmin cries and says what did you say, okay, I will eat the food. Gurpreet smiles. Khushbeer and Gurpreet leave. They see Fateh happy with Tejo. Khushbeer recalls Tejo. They come home. He says you forgot Fateh, he was in sorrow, at least now he is happy, I m happy seeing him happy. Gurpreet says I m worried about the future. She goes. Fateh looks on.


Rupy blesses Jasmin. Gurpreet sees Amrik’s pic and talks to Nimmo on call. Nimmo asks what did Tejo’s doctor say. Gurpreet says I don’t know, he is always with Tejo. Fateh comes and asks Gurpreet to have food. She asks was I not with you when you loved Tejo before, you left Tejo and went to Jasmin, then Khushbeer got Tejo home, situation isn’t the same now, she will need a support always, she can’t become a wife and bahu now. Tejo says call Fateh, he left, he asked me to wait, I m waiting, call him.

Rupy says he will come till morning, don’t get adamant. She says no, call Fateh. Fateh says I m sure that she will get fine, I spoke to doctor, he said she will get fine, there are 30-40 percent chances. Gurpreet says its foolishness to ruin your life, I have seen the world. Rupy asks shall I call Fateh. Satti says no, Tejo is our daughter, our responsibility. Fateh says Tejo has risked her respect and happiness for us, she did many favors on her, she proved that she is this house’s daughter, she handled me when I was not in senses, I used to make mistakes, she needs me now.

Gurpreet asks what shall we do, shall we leave everything. He says I will not leave Tejo at any cost. He goes. Rupy says you are right, we should try to handle her. Satti recalls Tejo’s childhood and says I will sing a lullaby for you, Fateh doesn’t know it. Tejo asks her to sing. Satti sings Lori Lori… Tejo says Maa, why did you stop, sing. Satti asks what did you say. Tejo says sing. Satti says before that. Tejo says Maa. Satti and Rupy cry happily and take care of Tejo. Tejo sleeps.

Its morning, Satti feeds the sweets to Fateh and says I had put Tejo to sleep at night, and she called me Maa. Fateh hugs Satti. Tejo runs to hug Fateh. Jasmin looks on. She says she didn’t come to ask my welfare. Fateh says we will go to doctor. Tejo says no. He says we all will go. Satti says even I m scared of a doctor. Fateh winks to her and says you have to go. Satti says yes.

Tejo says fine, I will come, but doctor will give me injection. He says I will break the syringe. She goes to get ready. He says I will meet Jasmin and come. He takes the fruits for Jasmin. He asks how are you. She says okay. He says take care of yourself. She asks him to take care of Tejo, will she get fine. He says hopefully, you take care of yourself. She says I have to do something that Tejo never gets her memory back.

Fateh and Tejo are together on the way. Jasmin thinks Fateh will lose. Tejo says I remember this place and everything. Fateh smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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