Udaariyaan 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo saying she is Rukmani Kohli, he married her 7 years back, they have a son also. Jass says she is her friend, I don’t know her. Rukmani slaps him and asks do you remember now, I m your wife, your child’s mum. Tejo asks is this also some fake story. She asks the inspector to check the marriage certificate and the child’s birth certificate. Inspector says take him. Jass says I will come back and ruin all of you. Jasmin thinks he won’t sit quiet, he is very mean. Tejo thanks Rukmani. Rukmani leaves. Tejo asks Fateh are you fine. He nods. She thanks him. Jasmin comes and hugs him. She asks are you fine. Tejo leaves. Fateh stops her and asks where are you going. She says police station, I have to get dad released. He says I will also come. Jasmin asks him to come. He says you take the car and go home, I will come later. Jasmin gets angry.

Bebe says you are a tigress, you saved us from this mess, I wish every house gets a daughter like you. Khushbeer and Gurpreet come. He says you are right Bebe, Fateh has lied to me, Inspector called me and then I got to know it, you didn’t tell me anything, you made me an outsider today. Tejo says no. He says I have accepted you as my daughter by heart, relations of heart are also strong, I feel I lost my children and my position. She says no, its my mistake, I should have told you, I didn’t wish to hurt you, you are more imp than my family. Khushbeer says Jass’ problem is over, his marriage doesn’t exist in law and society, so Tejo is still my daughter, I have come to take her. He asks won’t she listen to his command. She says no, I will definitely obey it. Gurpreet hugs her. Fateh looks on. They come home. Lights get on. Tejo sees the Welcome back Tejo banner and decorations. Mahi, Simran and Candy shower flowers on Tejo. Biji hugs Tejo. Tejo and Candy cut a cake. Tejo feeds the cake to everyone. Jasmin thinks I was going to marry in 6 days, and she came back for 6 months back.

At the academy, Fateh says how to people handle the balance sheets. Tejo comes. She helps. Fateh says thanks, I was trying to do it since a long time, Tejo… I don’t know I should say sorry or thanks, whatever you did, both the words fall short, I know you did this to keep Jass away and for family’s sake, not for me, I know you did this for me, thanks for saving Jasmin and my lives. She says the problem is you don’t know me, you can never know me, we shall forget it and move on, what’s the use to repeat those things, life means to move on, I m free from Jass, that way our marriage is still intact, we know the marriage doesn’t not exist and has no future, I spoke to a lawyer, he said we can file a special appeal in the court to get the divorce soon, I will convince Papa ji, he wants to see my happy, I want to see peace in the house. She takes a file. She says Jasmin is also preparing to marry you. He says yes, she wants to marry soon. She asks and you?
She says this is possible when our divorce happens, we will meet the lawyer tomorrow. He says its Karwachauth tomorrow. She says I have no reason to celebrate it, trust me, I don’t regret. She goes. He sits back and wipes his tears.

Tejo comes to Gurpreet. She says I have made your suit ready, it looks beautiful, right. Gurpreet says I will keep Karwachauth, but my Simran, don’t know, she keeps the fast or not, where she lived in Canada, where Amanpreet went, I don’t know anything, I wanted to give her Shringhaar and Sargi, but don’t know my dream will be fulfilled or not. Tejo says it will be fulfilled. Simran looks on. Tejo says she will keep the fast for the one with whom she has a relation of heart. Gurpreet recalls Simran’s words. She hugs Tejo.

Rupy throws the dress. He asks what Karwachauth, what sargi, for whom will Tejo keep the fast. Satti says Tejo is suhaagan. He says Fateh just gave her sorrow. They argue. He says Tejo wants to get divorced soon. She asks and Jasmin. He says what about her, one has to keep relations to do the rasams, since the passport burning matter came out, I m not sure if she truly loves Fateh, she broke Tejo’s heart, we broke all relations with her, she is dead for us.

Its morning, Nimmo jokes on Fateh. She says he has two girls, but none of them kept a fast for him. Biji asks her to eat sargi and keep her mouth shut. Jasmin stops eating the apple and throws it. She says I have kept a fast for Fateh. Nimmo asks who are you to keep the fast, just Tejo has the right. Tejo comes. Fateh looks on. Tejo says right isn’t needed to keep this fast, two hearts should join, if they love each other, then she can keep the fast, I won’t keep it, Karwachauth is a fast kept for true relation,I don’t want to insult it for pretence. Biji says you are a suhaagan. Tejo says just for some days, then Fateh and I won’t have any relation, we are going to the court tomorrow to fasten the divorce process. She sees Fateh there. Jasmin turns and sees him. Fateh goes. Jasmin stops him and hugs. She says you know, Tejo didn’t keep any fast for you. He says I heard it. She says those who hearts are connected can keep the fast, I have kept a fast for you, you will also keep, right. He says what are you saying, I can’t keep any fast, you know I can’t bear hunger, you also don’t keep it. She says girls have many wishes, I dreamt to keep a fast along with you and then we will break our fast together. He says fine, I will keep it. She hugs him and says you have to give me a good gift, sorry, I got it already, I heard Tejo saying you are going to appear in court for divorce, thanks, I m very happy. She hugs him.

Tejo pukes. Simran asks are you fine, I will call the doctor. Tejo says I spoke to the doctor, he said stomach is upset, tummy needs rest, no food, I will be on liquid diet, we are going to market now. Biji says Lord gave an excuse to Tejo, I wanted her to keep the fast, I m very happy. Gurpreet smiles. She asks Fateh are you fine. He says yes, I kept Karwachauth fast. She asks did you go mad, did your dad keep a fast for me, who told you. Tejo looks on. He says no one. Simran says we are going to the market. Tejo, Simran and Mahi leave. Gurpreet says I know you kept it for Jasmin, doesn’t she know that you can’t bear hunger. He says its fine. She asks where is she. He says she is in guest room, she said she has to prepare something. Mahi stops. Tejo and Simran ask what happened. They see Jasmin eating panipuri. Jasmin talks to Sweety. She says I have kept a half day fast, Tejo didn’t keep any fast. Mahi says Fateh kept a fast for her, she is eating golgappa here, she is a liar, this time we should have a proof. She records a video of Jasmin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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