Udaariyaan 29th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh looking around. Angad sweeps the ground. Fateh goes ahead. He sees Tejo. Angad turns and sees Fateh. He pats Fateh’s shoulder and goes. Udaariyaan….plays.. Jasmin comes home. She greets everyone and smiles. Abhiraj asks why did you come, get lost. Rupy says you had to marry and go to Canada, why did you come here. She says for my bidaai, I m going abroad. He says we had done your bidaai long time back. She says don’t get angry, its my pagphere rasam, so I thought to fulfill it, you can see that my wishes are getting fulfilled. Bebe calls her shameless and asks her to get lost. Jasmin says don’t say this, I have to fulfill our family’s special ritual, come with me.

Fateh gives a kerchief to Tejo. She wipes her hands with her dupatta. She says congrats, best of luck. He says I wanted to return your dupatta. She takes it and recalls their moment. Jasmin puts Fateh and her pic on the Canada map board. She makes Tejo away. She says Tejo won’t go, I will go there. She asks Satti to get the sweets. She asks Bebe to give her the stuff she had kept for Canada trip. She asks Satti to get it, else she will go. She goes. She sings Canada Canada…. She gets the clothes. She makes Bebe wear the coat. She also wears one. She asks Bebe to get ready to come there. She says I will call you all there. Satti scolds Jasmin. Jasmin asks how can I forget such an imp thing. Fateh says I couldn’t give you anything than sorrow and pain, you will always have blessings, I want you to always stay happy, away from me and my given sorrow, live a good life. He thinks look at me once. He says I shall go now. She says take care of yourself and Jasmin. He leaves. They cry. He recalls Tejo and his marriage’s reverse rounds. Saath na ….plays…. Angad holds Tejo. Jasmin packs few things. Dilraj stops her and argues with her. Jasmin and Dilraj pull the pot together. The pot falls and breaks. Jasmin scolds Dilraj. Satti asks her to stop it now. Jasmin says your daughter is going abroad, you all should drop me at the airport, I didn’t steal anything.

Abhiraj scolds her. She says you all will come to beg me, I will treat you well there. Rupy shouts enough, you fulfill your dream, spare us. He throws the bags outside. Jasmin follows him. She asks her to get lost. Rupy and Jasmin argue. Jasmin asks who made me dream of Canada, Satti has done this. Tejo comes home and looks on. Jasmin reminds Harman how Lovely troubled him to go to Canada. She asks Bebe doesn’t she want to go to her daughter now. She says you all did a lot of drama to go to Canada, you should be happy that I never left my dream, I m fulfilling your dream, Tejo doesn’t care for you all, she didn’t go there and chose to stay here, you should wash my feet. Rupy shouts on her and goes to slap. She holds his hand and says you can’t slap me, I m someone’s wife now, you all saw me this Canada dream. Bebe says yes, we taught you to respect elders and relations, we didn’t teach you to ruin your sister’s house. Satti says we taught you to respect relations and love your sister, you have some shame. Tejo cries. Rupy asks them not to cry, its a result of their own deeds. He asks Jasmin to get lost and never come back. Jasmin says fine, I will not come, but I will go my bidaai in a proper way. She takes the bags. She throws some rice behind and leaves from the house. She sees Tejo there.

Fateh and Jasmin reach the airport. She is very excited. Tejo says our engagement was fake, I wanted you all to bless Fateh and Jasmin. Rupy is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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