Udaariyaan 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Gurpreet asks Fateh to have some juice, he can’t stay hungry. He asks why can’t I keep the fast, when you and Jasmin can keep the fast, I will stay hungry. She says you got stubborn. Tejo comes and asks Gurpreet to see the things they got. Gurpreet goes. Mahi says you know what’s Jasmin doing, you are sitting hungry for her. Fateh asks what did she do now. She says see this, she is eating golgappas and keeping fast for you. He says you know she is so kiddish, she can’t stay hungry, its fine. She asks seriously, drink the juice, she made you stay hungry here and she is eating golgappas. He says its fine, don’t tell this to anyone, she is trying to win their hearts. She taunts him and goes. Jasmin comes. Fateh asks where were you. Jasmin says I went to the market to get matching bangles, I will look so good, see this. He says we will go out and have some food. She asks are you mad, its our first Karwachauth fast, we can’t eat anything. He thinks say the truth now. He says you kept fast for me, no one will know it. She says its Karwachauth fast, we have to keep it, even I m hungry, I didn’t drink a drop of water since morning, its matter of few hours, we will break the fast when moon appears, I will prepare the puja thaal. He thinks why is Jassmin lying to me. Jasmin gets ready and comes to everyone. Nimmo taunts Jasmin. Tejo comes there. Gurpreet says the real bride doesn’t need any Shringaar, see how lovely she looks. Biji says Tejo looks like a moon. They all pass the plates and pray. Tejo gives the plate to Simran. Simran asks how, there is no one with me. Tejo says I will just come, wait. She gets a plate for herself and says I will do this with you. They also pass the plates and do the ritual. She recalls Fateh’s words.

Nimmo feels hungry. Jasmin calls Fateh and asks where are you Fateh. Nimmo asks is this your first Karwachauth, aren’t you feeling hungry. Jasmin says those who are in love doesn’t feel any hunger or thirst, its the power of love. Mahi says moon has come out, come fast. Jasmin says come soon Fateh, I m waiting. Tejo gets Simran’s call. She says I m getting puja plate and channi, stay back side. She goes. Fateh comes home. He collides with Tejo. She picks the pot. He picks the channi and sees Tejo. Tejo looks at him. Biji and Gurpreet come there. They see them and smile. Biji says Lord makes the pairing in heaven. Gurpreet says right, seeing them, I don’t think they will get separated, Tejo always saved him from every problem. Tejo goes. Fateh turns to see her. All the couples stand on the terrace. They do the Karwachauth rituals. Simran and Buzo also perform the rituals. Tejo is with them. Fateh thinks if you told me the truth now, I would have forgiven you. Buzo breaks Simran’s fast. Khushbeer and Balbeer break the fasts of Gurpreet and Nimmo. Jasmin asks Fateh to feed her the water fast. He recalls her words and that video. He throws the pot in anger. Gurpreet says he didn’t eat anything since morning, maybe it fell down. Jasmin asks are you okay. Fateh throws the plate as well. He leaves. Tejo comes upstairs. She sees Fateh leaving. She looks at Mahi. Jasmin asks what drama did you do there. Fateh says oh please, you made a drama of my love, you wanted me to keep the fast, you went out and have the golgappas.

He says you had to do this to become a good bahu, but what’s the need to lie to me, you just did this drama, you didn’t think to tell me the truth, I felt bad that you lied to me, not that you went out and had something, you acted to show your love to me, is your love a drama. She says no. He says how shall I believe that your love is true, tell me. He goes. She says how did he find out that I had eaten golgappas, who told you. Mahi says its imp, Fateh should know her truth, I did it right, you are still feeling bad for your sister, why. Tejo says I m feeling bad for Fateh, because I know he can’t bear hunger, he will be so hurt. Gurpreet says everyone had food, have some food. Fateh says I m not hungry. She says have some, its your fav. He says no. Jasmin thinks he is upset, how shall I convince him. Tejo looks on and says lets see what’s cooked today, my fav gulab jamun, its yummy. She says so much food, I can’t wait, come, we will have it. She eats and says wow, paneer is amazing. Fateh thinks how is she eating, she will have a stomach pain. Tejo thinks he still has to show tantrums. She signs Gurpreet. Gurpreet says fine, if you aren’t eating. She takes the plate. Fateh stops her and says fine, I will eat it just for your sake. They all smile. He eats the food. Tejo thinks his heart is of a kid, but ego is of a typical man. She smiles. She gets a call. She asks really, thank you so much.

Khushbeer asks what’s the matter, you look very happy. She says I was looking for a financer, it can help Fateh come out of this case, and we can get off the loan, good news is that, they called us tomorrow for a meeting. He says great. She asks Fateh to handle things, they may come for inspection. He asks her not to worry. Jasmin thinks doesn’t she have any work, she always pleases Fateh, I will see her later, I will convince Fateh first. Its morning, Fateh comes to the academy. He sees sorry posters everywhere. Jasmin comes there and says sorry. She holds her ears and says sorry please. She does sit ups. She says I felt you will feel bad and lied to you, Sweety forced me to have golgappas, thinking I m feeling weak, I didn’t wish to eat it, would you like to see me fallen on the road. She cries. He says its okay, I m not upset, go home, Tejo has gone to meet an investor, I want to set up everything here before they come for inspection. She says you always take her name, couldn’t you get the investors. He says I don’t have a good image to get them, Tejo works hard, she has no interest in the income, its our duty to support her. Tejo comes somewhere and thinks all problems will end if the meeting goes well. She sees the people cheering. She asks for Mr. Angad Maan. The guy shows Angad. Angad is dancing on some tractor. Tejo thinks he can’t be Angad Maan.

Tejo sees Angad dancing. Angad dances happily. She looks on surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

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