Udaariyaan 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jass laughing on Tejo. Everyone is dancing with Angad. Fateh and Jasmin argue. She says you just worry for the academy and Tejo, not me. Jass says I will burn it to ashes. Tejo asks him to stop. Fateh says I love you Jasmin, trust me, I m doing this for your and my future. Jass burns the place. Tejo gets shocked and cries. She runs. Jass runs after her. Fateh hears about the fire. Jass asks Tejo to stop. Everyone tries to run out. Simran looks for Candy. Jasmin thinks did Jass do this. Jass catches Tejo. Tejo shouts help. She says leave me, my family is inside, your dance performance isn’t ending. Angad calls out Tejo. Jass says your necklace looks beautiful, shall I take it. She says take anything you want, but let me go to my family. He takes the necklace. She says leave me please. He leaves her. He pours the kerosene around her and says I will burn you now. Angad calls her out. She runs. Her dupatta catches fire. She shouts for help. Angad gets shocked seeing her. He runs to her. She falls in his arms. He blows off the fire. Jass looks on and says great, one more hero, I will not leave anyone. Jass asks how will you get saved from this firetorch. Angad asks are you mad.

Jass throws the fire torch. Fateh comes and picks the firetorch. He asks Angad to take Tejo with him. Angad says but Fateh. Fateh says please go. Fateh and Jass have a fight. Rajat makes everyone leave the place. The people come out. Angad holds Tejo. The families come there. They ask Tejo to come to senses. Tejo gets up. She looks around and asks where is Fateh. Fateh asks are you fine. She nods. He says Jass has run away. He apologizes to Angad. He says your palace got burnt because of our old mistakes. Angad says chill, everyone is safe, that’s a reason enough to party. Tejo says yes. Angad says I should thank you all for making my diwali dhamakedaar. He asks them to smile. They take a selfie.

At home, everyone talks about Jass. Fateh says police will catch him soon, maybe any of his friend got him bailed out. Tejo comes and says I m fine, don’t worry for me. Jasmin sees Fateh going to Tejo. She acts to faint. He holds her and says maybe her bp got low. He takes her. Nimmo says she is a shock herself, she can’t get any shock. Fateh brings Jasmin to her room. She stops him and asks are you upset with me. He asks why, did you do anything such, just relax. She says you think I don’t care for you, I love you, so I wanted engagement to happen in front of everyone. He asks her to stop it. He says everyone is against our marriage. She asks shall I forget you and bury my dreams, I love you. He says you said Canada isn’t your dream now, I m your dream, I m with you now, think about Tejo, she got saved today, she is ready to sign the divorce papers for our happiness, no one wants this in the family. He goes. She says my dream is to go to Canada with you, once Tejo gives the divorce. Fateh asks Tejo are you fine. He gives her the medicines. She thanks him. Angad sees her pic and smiles. He calls Tejo and asks how are you feeling. She says better. He says I think you are a true person, you don’t hurt anyone, I know you are a lecturer, you have nothing to do with business, but its about heart, you are unique, keep it up. She says thanks. He says see you soon. He ends call and says she is unique, not fair that I met her so late, but its fine. Gurpreet comes to Tejo and says nothing is fine, Fateh is talking to the lawyer to get the divorce done soon. Tejo asks what’s there to worry, it has to happen some day, I told you that we had applied for fast track divorce.

Gurpreet says I love Fateh and you equally, he isn’t sensible, so he is blind in Jasmin’s love, she isn’t right for him. Tejo says its his own decision. Gurpreet says if he knew the truth, then he would have not decided this, you love us right, how can you let this happen, tell him the truth. Tejo gets a call from the academy. She goes to open the locker. She doesn’t see the passports. She says Jasmin did this, she fooled Fateh and took the passports. Tejo recalls everything. She comes to Fateh. He says sports minister wants to meet me, its a chance to get dad’s lost respect back. She says its a good news, all the best. He thanks her. He says I will fix everything. She asks how will you do, I lost my friend, can you return him. He says I will always be your friend. She says you were never sincere. He says yes, you always told the truth to me. She thinks I can’t stay quiet for more time. He asks what happened. She says I didn’t wish to tell you, I wanted you to find out yourself but… He asks what do you mean to say. She says I m trying to be a good friend, I want to tell you something.

Fateh asks Jasmin is it true, don’t lie, if you lie today, then I can never trust you. Jasmin worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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