Udaariyaan 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo saying you broke my Chakri, you are bad, get out. Shampy goes. Jasmin stops him and asks what happened. He asks who is that crazy girl, she didn’t give me any toy. She says leave it, I will give you toys. Tejo fixes the Chakri. He says I just want that Chakri. Jasmin says find the toys, I will get chocolate milkshake for you. She goes.

Tejo thinks of Fateh. Shampy likes the crackers. Jasmin says it will be fun now. She asks Abhiraj and the girl to come for dance. Abhiraj and the girl dance on Mahi ve… song. Everyone claps. Jasmin goes to see Tejo dancing on the terrace. Shampy says you didn’t let me play, now I will show you. He burns the crackers. Jasmin smiles. Tejo gets scared. She sees the fire and shouts… Fateh, save me. Jasmin thinks now it will be fun. Fateh is busy in the college meeting.

Jasmin comes to everyone and dances. She thinks Tejo is coming to spoil the fun. Tejo goes to her room and shouts Fateh, save me, fire… where is Fateh. She recalls his trick and tries it. She thinks of Fateh. Mann vich halla halla….plays…. Tejo calms down and lies on the floor. Fateh thinks Tejo….

He closes eyes and holds his face. He thinks is Tejo fine. Jasmin waits for Tejo. He goes out and calls. Jasmin thinks why didn’t she come till now. He says why isn’t anyone answering. Jasmin goes upstairs to see. She sees Tejo in the room. She thinks how did she stop shouting, I won’t lose this chance, think of something. She goes.

Shiny says I had much food. Lovely says I made your fav kachoris. Shampy asks for water. The man says I will give you water. Jasmin says I will get it for you. Tejo thinks to go downstairs. She says no, Satti asked me to sleep here, Fateh would be coming. Jasmin goes and switches off the lights. Tejo says why did it get dark, Fateh are you there. Jasmin goes out. Satti asks what happened to the lights. Rupy asks Abhiraj to call the electricity office and find out. Satti asks Navraj to get some candles.

She says I will go and put emergency light in Tejo’s room, she may get scared. Jasmin gets water for Shampy. She says I will go and give this to Tejo. Shiny says Abhiraj will have candle light dinner today. Jasmin says candle is needed for the blast, not this emergency light. She lights a candle. Tejo asks Fateh where are you. She sees the candle and gets scared. Jasmin comes there and smiles. Tejo sees the candle and says fire… Jasmin says it’s a powercut, I got a candle for you, call Fateh, if this candle falls, if it ignites fire, then the entire room will burn. She burns the toys. Tejo shouts and cries seeing the fire.


Rupy thinks I will go and see Tejo. Harman asks Rupy to come for a talk. Rupy asks Satti to go and see Tejo. Satti goes. Harman says they came to fix the alliance. Lovely stops Satti. Satti says Tejomay get scared. Lovely says Jasmin has gone to her. Jasmin asks Tejo to run, the entire room and she will also get burnt, there is no one to save her. Tejo runs out of the room. Jasmin pours the water and puts off the fire. She jokes and laughs. Shiny says Jasleen likes Abhiraj, Lovely do the preparations soon. Lovely says I m ready. Tejo shouts for help. She sees the candles. She shouts Fateh, save me. Rupy says nothing will happen, calm down. Tejo shouts. Jasmin looks on smiling.

Tejo throws a cushion on the candles. The fire catches up the carpet and Shiny’s dupatta. Rupy gets the water jug. He puts off the fire. Tejo shouts call Fateh. Fateh is on the way. He thinks why do I feel like Tejo is in danger. Rupy pours the water on Tejo’s head, and asks her to calm down. Lights come. Lovely says take her upstairs, guests are seeing this drama.

Shiny says Tejo is mad, someone send her to the mental asylum, she can do anything, make her out of the house, we got saved from burning. Rupy shouts get out of here. Lovely says they got an alliance. Rupy say ask them to go to Canada, I won’t tolerate anyone saying this about my daughter. jasmin smiles and thinks wow Tejo, even Fateh can’t save you from going to the mental asylum.

Fateh asks who took the candles to her room. Dilraj says Jasmin. Satti says I gave you emergency light to take there. Fateh scolds Jasmin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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