Udaariyaan 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with everyone getting happy seeing Tejo. Tejo meets them. Rupy hugs Tejo and cries. Satti says don’t make her cry. He says I can’t stop myself. Rupy says you were refusing to me. Khushbeer talks to Angad on call. He says you both come home on Lodhi, we will celebrate, where is Tejo. Angad says she isn’t here right now, what’s the plan, its Jasmin and Fateh’s first Lodhi. Khushbeer says Fateh didn’t call us from Canada, you and Tejo come. Angad says Tejo isn’t there, where did she go, Fateh…

Tejo says Angad and I are just good friends, I was missing you all, so I came to meet. Bebe says we will celebrate Lodhi well. Satti says I will get snacks for you. Rupy says she loves the snacks made by me. He feeds Tejo by his hands. Fateh recalls Tejo’s words. He thinks I don’t deserve your love, I want to make myself capable first. Angad comes and asks where is Tejo. Fateh says she isn’t here, what are you saying. Angad shouts Tejo ji and looks for her. He says you came to tell your story and she left. He shows the letter.

Fateh says she would have gone to her home, she isn’t a coward to hide somewhere. Rupy says I don’t find you fine, I won’t ask you, I have faith that you will tell me everything when time comes. She says I don’t need any man in my life for support, neither Angad nor Fateh. Fateh says she has a right to leave me, but this time I won’t leave her. Angad argues. Fateh says its her decision, she also wants this. Angad says my eyes are on you, if Tejo gets hurt then I won’t spare you.

Jasmin takes the kerosene. Fateh says I m sure that Tejo is safe from those who can hurt her, she is with her family. Angad says Fateh didn’t understand me, I love someone till I die, those who come in between, I don’t spare them. Jasmin burns Fateh and Tejo’s pic. She calls someone. Tejo wakes up in the morning. She looks out of the window. Fateh sees her and smiles. Ishq bulaava…plays… He recalls her words.

He thinks my new journey starts here, I will become that Fateh who you are forgive and accept, I will make myself deserving of you and your love. Khushbeer is praying at Gurudwara. Fateh gets the shoes for him. Khushbeer says bless you son. He sees Fateh and cries. He hugs Fateh and asks when did you come to India, why didn’t you come home. Fateh says I had no courage, so I came here to apologize to baba ji and you, I knew I will find you here. Angad asks where did he go. Sharma says he gave a letter and left. Angad shouts. He says I know Fateh went after Tejo, this time, no one can harm Tejo, I won’t let you meet Tejo.

Gurpreet does the aarti at home. Khushbeer brings Fateh home. Gurpreet turns to see. Fateh comes at the door. She sees him and cries. He cries and hugs her. Mahi comes and runs to hug Fateh. She also cries. Everyone comes. Fateh hugs them. Mahi says we will celebrate Lodhi well. Fateh asks where are Amrik, Simran and Candy. Mahi says they went outside. Bau ji and Biji ask did you forget us after going to Canada. Khushbeer says give him some time, he will tell us everything, he didn’t forget us, else he would have not come back. Rupy and everyone pamper Tejo.

Jasmin calls Rupy. Tejo asks whose call is it. Rupy says driver. Fateh says I never went to Canada, Jasmin and my marriage was fake. Everyone gets shocked. Fateh tells them everything. Jasmin asks are you all fine, I called to know how are you all, how is Tejo. Rupy says I know you didn’t call to ask about us, but Tejo. He scolds her. He ends the call. Jasmin thinks to use the trump card. Khushbeer wipes Fateh’s tears. He says you repented a lot, we have no complains now.

Biji says call Tejo, tell her that Fateh has come, maybe she forgives Fateh. Khushbeer says yes. Fateh says no need to call her, she knows everything, even Angad knows it, they aren’t together, their engagement was fake. Angad asks what do you want. Jasmin says deal. He asks what deal. She says I need your help, I know you will also need my help to get your love Tejo. He scolds her. She says you came running on my one call. She asks him to join hands with her.

Tejo gets a welcome in the college. Fateh comes as the new sports coach.

Update Credit to: Amena

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