Udaariyaan 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo saying we will get divorced soon, I will go away, but I don’t want to regret, so I got courage to tell you everything, Jasmin is my sister, no one knows her better than me. Jasmin comes and looks on. Tejo says her dream is Canada, how can you think that she loves you more than Canada, you think she loves you, are you sure she is doing this to get you. Jasmin gets shocked and says stop the nonsense. She scolds Tejo. She asks do you want to snatch him back. Fateh says just shut up, I want to hear what she wants to say. She says she is spitting poison. He says Tejo, I know you worry for me, I respect this, I want to tell you again that Jasmin loves me a lot, she changed, she doesn’t care for Canada, I have a proof for this, her burnt passport, she burnt it in front of me, you think if she wants to go to Canada, why will she go there. Tejo says you really think she will make this mistake. Jasmin asks what’s your problem, you don’t want to see us happy. Tejo says I have to tell him, my friend is going to take a big decision of his life, I have to tell him, else it will get too late, Jasmin burnt Papa’s passport, not her passport. Jasmin worries. Fateh looks at Jasmin.

Jasmin says she is a liar, don’t trust her, she wants to make me away from you, ask her what proof she has. Tejo says I had the proof, you took the passports. She says she used you and removed the proof, you took the locker keys from me, I had put the passports in the locker, but she took it. Fateh recalls Jasmin’s words. Tejo says Jasmin’s passport is still the same, go and ask dad, he won’t lie. Jasmin says shut up. She asks Fateh why is he listening to Tejo, she is jealous, she wants to put problems between them. She scolds Tejo. Fateh holds Jasmin’s hand. He asks is this true.

He asks her to say the truth, don’t lie like on the Karwachauth day. He says my trust will break on you, tell me the truth. Jasmin gets silent. Fateh cries and leaves. She stares at Tejo and runs after Fateh. She asks Fateh to please stop. He leaves in his car. Simran looks on. Tejo thinks why do I feel emptiness in me by supporting the truth. Jasmin comes and scolds her. She asks why did you tell him the truth, your life got ruined, why do you want to ruin our relation, you want to prove you are so true, you have hatred in you so you ruined my house. Tejo says you have lied to me, you should have told him the truth before. Jasmin says don’t lecture me. They argue. Jasmin asks how much will you fall, you aren’t ashamed to snatch your sister’s love. Tejo slaps her and says get lost, go and prove your love to Fateh, he loves you, he is clean hearted, he will forgive you and accept you, tell him the truth. Jasmin says shut up, he won’t believe you, he will always be mine, now you see how I convince him, how he divorces you and marries me, he will take me to Canada. Tejo says good, I also want this. Jasmin says I know what you think about Fateh. Tejo says you would have not done this if you knew it, leave from my room. She makes Jasmin out and shuts the door. She cries. Tejo hears everyone talking the divorce. Jasmin comes and looks on. Simran says Fateh was leaving in anger, maybe he is thinking about the divorce. Jasmin worries. Dada ji says it will be final tomorrow. Tejo gets sad and thinks of Fateh. She prays for Fateh that he doesn’t lose his faith on love, like she lost. Jasmin calls Fateh. She worries thinking of the divorce. Its morning, Gurpreet and everyone talk about Fateh and Tejo’s divorce. Tejo comes and finds everyone upset. She asks what happened.

Gurpreet says nothing, I have cold, so I have water in my eyes. Tejo says a daughter knows its water or tears in a mum’s eyes, you can’t lie. Lawyer comes and asks them to come to the court. He asks them to call Fateh. Jasmin calls him. Gurpreet says I didn’t see him. Khushbeer asks do you know. Amrik says no. Mahi says he didn’t come home. Jasmin thinks did he change his mind, where is he. Khushbeer says Mahi, ask Jasmin. Biji says stop Mahi, don’t worry, he isn’t a kid, Fateh used to hide somewhere if he doesn’t had to go to school, I think he is doing something similar today. Simran says she is right, maybe he doesn’t want the divorce, so he went somewhere. Dada ji says we can hope so. Tejo thinks where is Fateh, what did he think. Everyone waits for him at the court. Tejo calls him. Mahi says Jasmin said she is going to find Fateh. Amrik says I wish she doesn’t find him. Lawyer says if Fateh doesn’t come, then the hearing will get cancelled. Tejo says please wait, he will come. She gets a call. She asks what.

Tejo says I will go, I have imp work. Angad says best of luck. Tejo and Fateh are in the court. Judge says you both won’t have any relation after signing these papers. Fateh nods.

Update Credit to: Amena

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