Udaariyaan 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo getting a call. She asks what, I will come now. Gurpreet asks is Fateh fine. Tejo says it was a call from academy, a student got hurt, call me when Fateh comes. She goes. Khushbeer says your daughter is a diamond, I hope Fateh knows this, maybe that’s why he didn’t come. Angad says what a perfect timing. He sends the guy to the hospital. Tejo asks what happened to him. He says he fell down and had an ankle twist, so I sent him to the hospital. She says thanks, how did you come. He jokes. He says I wanted to see the gym, we should go international. She says Lord sent you here on the right time. He says you understand me well. She says I will go, I have imp work. He says best of luck, you are going for an imp work, the result of the work will be the best. Fateh is at some bar, drunk.

Tejo asks how can you say this, you don’t know what’s the work. He says we don’t know what happens next. Fateh recalls Jasmin and Tejo’s words. Tejo says its not imp that it happens what we want. Angad says exactly, person is right who makes the unwanted his wishful. He gives an example of spoiled milk turned into paneer. He asks her to go. Jasmin comes to Fateh. She wipes his tear. He asks how many lies did you tell me. Angad says go, best of luck. Tejo goes. He says I know its your divorce date, all the best. Jasmin says give me a chance to explain. Fateh throws the glass. He says fine, I give you a chance, tell me. Lawyer says its enough, if Fateh doesn’t come in 15 mins, then the judge will go. Tejo comes and says sorry, can we get tomorrow’s date. Lawyer says sorry, its not possible, next date is after two weeks. Jasmin cries and says trust me. Fateh says you lied that you burnt the passport. She says I love you, I lied just because of my fear of losing you, I m really bad, everyone is right, I feel you shouldn’t stay with a selfish girl like me, I don’t deserve your love, forgive me, its my promise, you and your family won’t tolerate any insult because of me. Tejo calls him. Jasmin says its fine if I have heard lots of insult because of you, it doesn’t matter if I have a dream to live and die with you, you are so imp for me, that no one exists for me, but you never loved me. He says I love you, but I didn’t lie to you, what’s that love which has no trust, you cheated me. She says you married my sister in front of me, why didn’t you refuse, never forget that Tejo left the house that day and my dreams died, I still love you, I did that to prove it. He says you should have burnt your passport, why did you burn your dad’s passport. Khushbeer says I wish Fateh doesn’t come. Gurpreet says we will go home, I think he changed his mind. Jasmin brings Fateh. She says no need to go anywhere, I got Fateh, we reached on the right time. Fateh and Tejo sit in front of the judge. Judge asks them to think again, once they sign the papers, their relation will be over. Fateh says I have thought about it, I want this divorce. Tejo recalls her marriage. Fateh signs the papers. Rupy, Satti and others cry. Kal ho na ho….plays… Tejo also signs. Jasmin smiles. The judge says the divorce is done. Tejo cries and hugs Satti. Fateh also gets sad and leaves.

At Virk house, Jasmin asks don’t you want to know why Fateh didn’t listen to me and listened to me, I will tell you. Tejo says tell me, you have nothing than lies. Jasmin says you challenged me, I have given you an answer. FB shows Jasmin lying to Fateh that Gippy had her passport, she had no time to win him. Fateh asks what are you saying, I didn’t know. Jasmin says I didn’t wish to lose you, I wanted to prove that I love you more than my life. Fateh says I also love you, you know it well, you are my weakness. She says its a good thing. He says no, I want you to become my strength, promise me, you will become my strength, promise you won’t lie to me again. She says never, I promise. They hug. She smiles. FB ends.

Jasmin says you tried to make Fateh away from me, I proved him my love and will do this again. Tejo says then its not love, but an illusion, it can get away anytime. Jasmin says please don’t talk of illusion, remember one thing, Fateh doesn’t love you, he has realized it, now Fateh and I will marry and go to Canada. Tejo says Fateh is brave, he knows everything and agreed to marry you, his bad time didn’t end, so he believed your lie once again. They argue. Jasmin says I will send you my wedding card, if you have some self-respect, then don’t come in the marriage, you will come if you go from here, you want to stay here, its fine, I will tolerate you, my heart is really big, you stay for few days, I have no threat. Tejo says this house isn’t mine, you and Fateh cheated me, you snatched my rights, since then everything got snatched from me. Gurpreet says Tejo united me with Simran, Tejo got away from us. Amrik says her relation is still the same with us. Tejo takes her bag. She leaves. Jasmin smiles. Rupy comes home. Khushbeer asks is everything fine. Tejo says Papa has come to take me. Khushbeer says you won’t go anywhere, you will stay here with me. Tejo says I have no reason to stay here, please don’t stop me this time.

Jasmin dances in a girls bachelorette party at home. Everyone looks on. Fateh says I m not happy. Khushbeer says promise me Tejo, you will get married before Fateh marries Jasmin, else I won’t let them get married.

Update Credit to: Amena

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