Udaariyaan 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo saying I have no reason to stay here, don’t stop me this time. Gurpreet says yes, you had a relation with just Fateh, we mean no one to you. Tejo says no, you are my everything, let me go home if I want. Khushbeer says you are my daughter, stay here. She says I m your daughter, its about my self esteem, it doesn’t permit me to stay here, please let me go. He says fine, go if you want so, you live with esteem, I bless you, stay happy.

Tejo asks shall I ask for something, I have a request, give this blessing to Fateh and Jasmin also. He says no, they can live as they want, I will never bless them, don’t expect this from me, not everyone’s heart is big like yours, promise me one thing, you will never leave this academy, its mine, its of this family, we will think you are connected to us, please. They all cry. Biji says this house is always mine, come anytime you want, you are my daughter. She hugs Tejo. Gurpreet says I m sorry from Fateh’s side, he doesn’t know what he lost. Tejo hugs her. Naina…plays… Everyone hugs Tejo. Fateh comes. Rupy holds her hand and takes her. Everyone cries. Fateh goes to his room.

Jasmin shows the dupatta. She says I will wear this dress and look like a fairy. Sweety says I m scared of Fateh’s family. Jasmin says they went to Gurudwara, they will come late, Simran and Mahi are at home, I will handle them. Sweety says you will look like a princess. Jasmin says I m very happy. Tejo has finally left from my life, what else would I want, Fateh and I will get married, then we will go to Canada. Sweety asks when will he come. Jasmin says he went to meet the investor. Fateh is with Angad. They have drinks. Angad says easy, are you having drinks or sorrow. Fateh says say it anything. Angad jokes. He asks why did your heart break, you already have someone in your heart, why does your face look like you missed a train.

Fateh says I m not happy. Angad says you mean you have more sorrow of losing something than the happiness of gaining, it means its not Shava Shava, not regret. Fateh recalls Tejo. Kya dekhna tha…plays… Tejo cries and thinks of Fateh. Angad says we value something once we lose it. Fateh asks how do you know, did you lose anything special. Angad says I hate you, you made sadness contagious, not fair. He asks the bartender to get two large for them. He says we will have much drinks today and forget sorrow, its the last night of sorrow, congrats for your new life, congrats for your engagement and marriage, will you invite me. Fateh smiles. Angad jokes.

Fateh thinks I wish I could tell Tejo how much I miss her. He thinks of her and drinks a lot. Angad looks at him. Tejo prays to Lord and asks for strength. Jasmin is partying with Sweety and friends. Nimmo is with there. Mahi comes and says stop it, this won’t go on in this house. Jasmin asks why, I want to celebrate, I m marrying your brother, learn how to talk to your Bhabhi, let me enjoy, go.

Jasmin argues. Simran comes and scolds her. She says you are not our Bhabhi. Simran and Mahi go. Nimmo says I can watch this drama all life for free. Mahi says I m scared, mummy and Papa can come. Khushbeer and everyone come home. Jasmin is dancing on Dj wale… song. Everyone looks at her. Khushbeer asks Amrik to switch off the music and switch on the lights. Jasmin sees them. Gurpreet asks what’s all this. Jasmin says sorry, I was alone at home, I thought to enjoy a bit, my friends were insisting for a party. Khushbeer says its my house, don’t dare to do this again. He asks the girls to get lost. The girls leave. Jasmin cries and goes to her room. Khushbeer asks Gurpreet to see, Jasmin will be becoming her bahu, Fateh was blind in Jasmin’s love and she got love in her son’s love. Gurpreet asks is he not your son, I m worried for him, what shall I do, if he isn’t understanding, I feel tensed seeing this girl, how will he live his life with her, she will ruin him. She cries and goes.

Khushbeer says you are right, he is my son, I won’t let her ruin his life, I won’t let his marriage happen. Tejo thinks its my room, but it doesn’t look mine. She sits sad and thinks of Fateh. Rupy gets the food. She says I didn’t ask for it. He asks her to cry and vent out her sorrow, else this wound will never heal. She says no, I m fine. He says don’t act so brave to make me feel weak.

She cries and hugs him. He also cries. She tells about Fateh. She says we were friends and had good understanding, how didn’t I understand such a big thing. He says this is life, we want something and something else happens, we can’t say when we get anything and lose anything. She says yes, life will always teach us new things, I will become so brave that no one can hurt me. Door bell rings. He goes. She thinks is it Fateh. She goes and sees Khushbeer. She asks is everything fine. He says nothing is fine. She asks is everyone fine at home. He says promise me, you will get married before Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage, else I won’t let them happen, I want to see your marriage before their marriage.

Fateh is drunk. Simran says I know you are missing Tejo. Fateh cries. He goes to Tejo’s house. He sees Angad with Tejo.

Update Credit to: Amena

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