Udaariyaan 7th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Khushbeer saying he met me in Gurudwara every day and didn’t tell me, I will get an answer from him. Bau ji says there would be some reason. Khushbeer says the reason can’t be so big that he hides the truth from us. He leaves. Fateh says I m going to have canteen pakodas after a long time, you can also come Buzo. He goes to staffroom and sees Tejo. He says Tejo, you sit, I will go out and eat. She says you think you are so imp that I won’t eat the food if you are here. She eats the food. She coughs. He feeds her water.

He says thank God I was here, don’t know what would have happened. She says maybe this would have not happened. She coughs again. He says have water first, curse me later. Khushbeer and family come to Tejo’s house. He shouts for Rupy. Satti says sit, I will call him. Rupy comes. Khushbeer asks how dare you hide such a big thing. Rupy says I didn’t understand.

Khushbeer says you knew that Fateh didn’t go to Canada, he didn’t marry Jasmin, you didn’t tell us anything, I thought our children have two families, why did you hide. Gurpreet says Satti, you are a mum, didn’t you get pity on me, you have seen me crying for Fateh. Rupy says my family didn’t know, they got to know when you all got to know. Khushbeer says you had seen our pain, Gurpreet used to cry a lot and left food, I used to hate my son, he was repenting, why did you do this, answer me. Rupy shouts yes, I will give an answer. Mahi worries and goes. Rupy says I m also a dad, your son made Tejo cry so much. Mahi calls Fateh. She says Rupy and dad… I m afraid they will fight. Fateh asks what.

Rupy says Jasmin was wrong, what was Tejo’s fault, your son is the real culprit, I have no sympathy for him, I didn’t give a shelter to Jasmin, they both deserved this, don’t you think they needed a punished, what happened if Fateh repented a bit. Khushbeer says enough. Fateh runs to Tejo. She says no drama in college. He stops her and says sorry, listen to me, its about our families. He tells her. She asks what. He says please come.

Khushbeer says I thought you are angry on Fateh, you should be, it doesn’t mean that a son stays away from his family, I will never forgive you for this. Rupy says maybe you didn’t understand me, I m dad of my daughters, but I m not selfish. Khushbeer says Jasmin trapped my son, he left his family and went. Rupy says enough, I wont hear a word against her, you mean its all her fault, not your son’s fault.

Khushbeer says we are alive to decide for our son. Rupy says he left you to die, what did you give you except defamation, he made you cry so much, he valued family after struggles, this punishment was necessary for him. Gurpreet says I don’t want such repentance. Khushbeer asks who are you to decide this. They argue and shout. They hold each other’s collars. Everyone tries to stop them. Fateh and Tejo come. They stop them. Fateh says it was not Rupy’s mistake, I made him swear not to tell you, he wanted to go to you and tell you, I was in guilt, I wanted to go away from you all, I knew it that Jasmin will come here, so I came to tell him everything.

He says I didn’t want you all to know that Jasmin and I are not together, Rupy respected the promise to me, he didn’t wish to cheat you, its all my mistake. Khushbeer says Fateh told and you agreed, you should have told us. Fateh says please come home. Khushbeer blesses Tejo. He leaves with his family. Fateh says forgive me, your relation spoiled again because of me, I will talk to dad, don’t worry. Rupy says Fateh…. stay away from my Tejo. Fateh leaves. Tejo cries.

Gurpreet asks why did you go to him. Fateh says I had to do this for Tejo, I thought she loves Angad and wants to marry him, so I wanted to go away. Rupy says you did the fake engagement for Fateh and Jasmin’s sake, they both came back, what could I do, if I told everything to Khushbeer, then… I thought of you, I knew that Khushbeer wanted to make you his bahu, he would have tried to unite Fateh and you. Tejo cries. Simran says Tejo doesn’t love Angad. Fateh says yes, so I came here.

Rupy says Khushbeer wanted to get you married to Angad and get his son forgiven, what could I do, I knew your and Fateh’s truth. Fateh says don’t keep anything wrong in your heart about Rupy. Khushbeer goes. Tejo hugs Rupy and says its our mistake, we will go and apologize to Khushbeer, please come with me. Rupy say no, I respect our relation, he is like my elder brother, I did this for your betterment, I will never forgive Fateh. He goes. Simran says its my mistake, I didn’t know you made Rupy swear, I came home and told everything to dad. Fateh says its fine. Mahi says the relations are at stake now. Simran says don’t worry, Tejo’s love for Khushbeer will end this distance, she convinced everyone for me also.

Khushbeer is at the Gurudwara. Tejo comes. He says you. She makes him wash his hands. She says I knew it, you will be here, so I came to meet you, I know it was wrong, dad didn’t wish to break Fateh’s promise, forgive him. He says Fateh is kiddish, Rupy knew it well. She says please forgive him. He asks did you forgive Fateh. She says its not related. He says its related, Rupy was forced to do this because of this, Fateh wanted to see you happy, Rupy was upset with him so he lied, these relations can get sorted if you forgive Fateh.

Angad says its a last chance, come with me. She refuses. He says you will regret a lot for this. Someone hits Tejo by the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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