Udaariyaan 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with everyone enjoying the picnic with Tejo. Pal…plays… They play games. Satti gets emotional and hugs Tejo. Rupy sings a song. Tejo smiles. They play Antakshari. Tejo says I will sing a song instead Jasmin. Jasmin nods and makes a face. Tejo sings Chanda chamke…. Jasmin and Tejo argue while singing Tu mar…., and push each other. Fateh and Rupy try to stop their fight. Lovely stops Jasmin. Jasmin’s imagination ends.

Jasmin thinks what did Fateh decide, once I know, Tejo’s problem will end. Fateh thinks how shall I decide to make Tejo away from me. Tejo opens the chunri and goes away. Fateh sees her going. He shouts Tejo. She stops. He asks where are you going. She says I was going to get a flower for you, that one. He sees it and thinks poisonous flower… why are you making it tough for me, Tejo.

Satti feeds the food to Tejo. Fateh thinks I got selfish, I can bear the separation, but not let anything happen to her, I have to send her to the ashram, she will stay safe there. He asks will you go and meet Maai. Tejo says yes, I want to meet Amma, Billo and Kamal, I will tell them that I have got many good clothes. She feels the spice and asks for water. Satti hugs Fateh. They cry. Jasmin smiles. Satti asks him to console him. Rupy feeds the sweets to Tejo. Tejo calls him Papa. He asks what did you say. Tejo says Satti is my mum, so you are my dad, right. He cries.

Fateh is at home. He thinks of Tejo and cries. He says I feel I m breaking her trust. Buzo says she will be happy there, she will be safe, you can go and meet her there. Simran says yes, think that you have put your child in hostel for a better future. Mahi says yes, everyone will take care of Tejo there, they like her. Simran says you need courage to do so. Fateh says I m asking that. Jasmin comes to trouble Tejo. Tejo says I will tell everyone that you are a bad sister. Jasmin hugs her and asks why are you going leaving me, finally bye, we will meet in the next birth, thanks. Tejo throws the marbles at her. Jasmin goes to her room. She says one plan is successful, I have to meet Fateh and then make a plan to marry him.

Its morning, Fateh comes to meet Tejo. He meets Rupy and gets emotional. Jasmin says I know Fateh, you don’t trust me, I m feeling bad that she is leaving us, if you felt that whatever happened, I m responsible for this, then trust me, I m not allowed in this, I won’t wish this for Tejo, I know its tough for you, everything will get fine. Fateh goes to Tejo. She ties the chunris to their hands.

Satti and everyone get sad. Tejo asks why are you all upset, I will go and come back soon, don’t take tension, make kadi for me when I come back, no, make Rajma chawal, I will have kaju kheer and kiss your hands. Satti hugs her. Satti gives her sugar candy. Tejo says I will have it after coming back. Satti says no, take it for Kamal and Billo. Bebe gives a doll to Tejo.


Tejo says its pretty, I will deck up like this doll when I become Fateh’s bride. Bebe says always keep this with you. Harman gives her marbles. Tejo laughs. Dilraj gives her chocolates and cries. Fateh cries. Tejo says I have many gifts, I will show this to everyone. Lovely asks Jasmin why are you crying. Jasmin asks how will we live without Tejo.

Jasmin hugs Lovely. Tejo says I won’t go anywhere if you all get sad. Satti says no, everyone would be waiting for you. Tejo says yes, I have to give them marriage invitation, don’t get sad. Fateh and Tejo leave. Jasmin thinks Tejo’s permanent vidaai happened.

Fateh drops Tejo to the ashram. Amma asks him to leave. He says let me tell her the truth. Tejo shouts and runs to Fateh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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