Udaariyaan 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the man asking Fateh to go and give the bag to them, if he doesn’t get the car, then he won’t get any money. Fateh runs after the car. He falls down. Toote hai pankh…plays…. Tejo calls out Fateh. He sees Tejo. She says get up Tejo, you can’t lose like this, you know it well to get up and win. He recalls the match. She says come on, I m with you. He runs after the car. Toofan….plays… He stops the car and gives the bag. He comes back to Tejo. She says I know you are punishing yourself, don’t worry, Lord is with you. He says my Lord is upset with me. She says Maa and Lord can never get upset with children. She disappears. He calls her out and gets sad. He says its good you aren’t around me, your memories are enough for me, stay happy in your life. The lodge man asks what salary, there is no customer here. Fateh comes and asks for money. The man asks what money. Fateh says I have worked here. The man throws a 50rs note and asks him to get out. He says we don’t need you, tata bye bye, get out. Fateh leaves.

Tejo asks Gurdaspur? I never went there, I heard from Bebe that there is a Gurudwara, everyone visits that. Angad says we will start the work after praying there. Gurpreet and Satti are at the Gurudwara and have a talk. Gurpreet says I feel we women are stronger than these men. Satti says they come to lighten their sorrow here. Gurpreet asks how is Tejo. Satti says she is fine. She thinks Rupy asked me not to tell anything. Khushbeer says Rupy said we should give some time to Tejo and Angad for marriage, I m thinking to call Angad and ask him. Rupy says let me talk to Tejo first. Gurpreet says Angad is a nice guy, we should not delay, they are staying together after engagement, they will get defamed, its better to get them married soon. Rupy worries.

Angad sees the ring and recalls Tejo. Riya gets angry and throws the food. He hears a sound and goes to see. Riya shouts on Babli. Angad scolds Riya and asks her to have food. Riya refuses. He says you are lucky to get food, many don’t get the food. Fateh is starving. Jasmin eats the pizza and says eat well and then make a plan to take revenge on Fateh and Tejo. Tejo sits sad with the food plate and recalls Fateh. Fateh sees the food thrown there. He sleeps on the bench. Tejo hears Riya shouting. Riya bites Angad’s hand and says I won’t eat food. She runs. Angad gets angry. Inspector asks Fateh why is he here. Fateh says I have no place to live. Inspector says you look from a good family, are you taking drugs. Fateh says no, I was sleeping here. Inspector asks him to go. Tejo asks what happened. Babli says she didn’t had food, and now locked the room. Tejo asks Riya to open the door. Riya says the door isn’t opening. Tejo tries from outside. She asks her to rotate the knob and try. Riya tries. The door opens. Tejo hugs her. Riya says I got angry, Angad doesn’t love me or feed me by his hands. Tejo asks who do you love the most. Riya says Papa. Tejo says if he comes and feeds you the food, will you have it. Riya asks can you get him. Tejo says yes. Riya asks are you a fairy. Tejo says no, but I can get him. Riya says then I will have anything he feeds me, thanks, bring him soon. She hugs Tejo. Tejo thinks she wants her dad’s love, Angad doesn’t care for her.

Angad sits working. Tejo comes and scolds him. He asks her to calm down and have cola. She scolds him more. He drinks the cola. She asks him to come with her. Fateh hits the empty cola can and walks on the road. Fateh sees a car and thinks why are the doors open, I will ask them if they can give me the car to sleep at night. He hears some goons threatening. He hides. Tejo says Riya, close your eyes. Riya asks did Papa come. Tejo says yes, you can open the eyes and see now. Angad comes. Riya runs away and asks where is Papa.

Tejo gets shocked. She runs after Riya. Angad thinks I was afraid for this, what did you do Tejo ji. Fateh sees the robbers inside the petrol pump office. He picks a rod. The man says don’t dare to call the police. Fateh catches them and beats them. A goon picks a gun and says leave him, else I will shoot. The other goon catches Fateh. Fateh tries to get free. The goon shoots. The blood falls on the walls.

Jasmin says its the first day of my mission tomorrow, I will make Fateh and Tejo’s life hell. Tejo says I have no reason to stay here. She leaves. Angad runs after her. Jasmin is with someone. A man clicks her pics from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

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