Udaariyaan 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh training a student. He thinks of Tejo and Angad. He sees her coming, and gets a punch. He goes to her and asks why did you come, you should have taken rest, I mean I got to know you are unwell, are you fine now, if you want, you can go home and rest, I will handle here. She says I m fine, I can be engaged in work here. Jasmin comes and sees them. She says I had to show you something in private. Tejo goes.

Jasmin asks which sherwani will look good, tell me fast. He says your choice is the ultimate, final anything. She says you are right, I have chosen you, get free and come soon, we have to go on shopping. He says I remember. She leaves. He asks is Angad coming today. Tejo says don’t know, you go home, Jasmin and your marriage is happening, you focus on its preparations, Angad and I will see the work here. He says yes, of course, you both will see, he is such a great guy, its good he is with you, you are right, I should go home and make preparations for the marriage, I have to take Jasmin for shopping. He leaves.

Fateh and Jasmin come home, and see everyone. He stops Gurpreet. He says pandit ji will be coming tomorrow. She asks why. Nimmo taunts Jasmin. He says you all know, Jasmin and I are getting married, we would need a pandit. Jasmin says yes, we will marry by all the rituals. Nimmo says Tejo just left and you want to marry so soon. Fateh says please, why to delay it further, pandit will come tomorrow and tell us the date.

Gurpreet says we are not a part of this drama. He says I know, I have hurt you all. Dada ji leaves. Fateh asks Biji to please fulfill his incomplete wish. She turns away. He says Mahi, Amrik, you both don’t like Jasmin, but you love me, please accept for my sake. They also leave. He asks Simran to explain mummy. She says I can’t do anything, its her decision, I told you, you are doing the same mistake which I did. She goes. Jasmin thinks everyone refused to come, Fateh may refuse for the marriage.

Fateh comes to Jasmin’s room. She sits like a bride and laughs. She asks how do I look. He asks what are you doing. She says we will get married in some days, forget it now, why did you make a sad face, look at me. He says please. She says you told me that it doesn’t matter if anyone comes in our marriage or not, it will be great. He says we need people to dance in baraat, your family, my family, no one will come, we will do court marriage. She says no, don’t take tension about baraatis, our friends will come, can’t you listen to my wish. He says fine, it will happen as you want. She says pinky promise. He says pinky promise. She hugs him.

Mahi asks will it happen as Jasmin wants, she will become our Bhabhi. Amrik says I wish to break this marriage some way. Mahi says Tejo left from our life, I miss her. Gurpreet hugs her. Peon asks would you have any tea or coffee. Tejo says no, you go home, I will also leave. She sees someone outside. She thinks of Jass. She says I should go home. She takes her laptop. Light goes.

She hears some footsteps. She takes a bat. She hits Angad and says don’t move, else I will break your head. He says I won’t move. She says Angad, you… She switches on the lights. He jokes. She says sorry, I thought who has come at this time. He asks did you take revenge, you can take revenge on me, I had put you in the mud and then you fell ill. She asks who comes this way, you should have come to the office or sent a message. He says its wrong, I got hurt and you are scolding me, I m the victim here. She says you got much hurt, apply this band aid. He asks shall I apply. She says yes, I m not filmi like you, you apply it.

He says you are doing phd, how to be top class arrogant. He doesn’t apply right. She applies it right. She signs sorry. He acts to fall and asks her to come. They leave. He drops her home. He asks how are you now. She says your magical kada really worked, I m fine. Rupy comes. Angad jokes and they laugh. Rupy thinks he is really some angel who got happiness on Tejo’s face. Tejo goes inside the house.

Its morning, Fateh and Jasmin are with the pandit. Khushbeer comes home and looks on. Pandit greets him and says tell me if you want to suggest some date for your son’s marriage. Khushbeer says ask him. He goes. Everyone comes and looks on. Jasmin asks pandit to find a date soon. Rupy comes. She asks Fateh did you tell dad about our marriage. She goes to Rupy and says I knew it, you will forget all the old things and come in my marriage. He stops her and says you might have forgotten, we have no relation. She thinks you all just love Tejo. He asks for Khushbeer.

Gurpreet says he is in his room, Mahi call him. He asks can I go there and meet him, I have to talk something imp. She asks him to go. Fateh thinks he has come to talk about Tejo. Khusheer asks Rupy is everything fine. Rupy says I need to talk to something imp, you were explaining Tejo to remarry, I think you have said right, she should move on. Khushbeer asks did you talk to her. Rupy says no, until I find out about the guy. Khushbeer asks did you see any guy. Rupy says your new investor, Angad Maan. Khushbeer recalls Angad and Tejo. Rupy says I have seen, he brings a smile on Tejo’s face, he cares for her, but I m scared, I got hurt twice, I want to be careful. Khushbeer says don’t worry, come. Jasmin asks what, 10 days. Pandit says yes, then there is no good mahurat. Jasmin says Fateh, we will marry after 10 days, we will go to Canada. She tells her plans and hugs him. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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