Udne Ki Aasha 28th May 2024 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sayali saying I can’t walk now, my legs are hurting. Sachin asks her to wait. He goes and gets a donkey. She asks what’s this. He says it’s a donkey, sit on it, we will reach the bus stop. She asks are you mad, will I sit on this donkey. He says we have no time, think, you want to walk or sit on the donkey. She sits on the donkey. He takes the bag. He asks is the ride comfortable, do you want any cushion or cold drink. The man asks him to have prasad. Sachin takes it and asks the man when are you marrying. The man says in one month. Sachin asks him to keep the donkey along. The boy comes and asks for a selfie.

Sayali covers her face. She asks how fare is the bus stop. Sachin sees the bus stop and lies to her. He says I want to click your pic. He clicks a pic and says I will frame this. She sees the bus stop and asks why did you lie to me. He says I was saying about some other bus stop. She says I understand everything. He thanks the man. He asks him to be strong, because he is going to marry next month. The man leaves. Sachin asks her to wait, he will just come. Sayali says bus will come. He asks her to wait. He goes. She calls him strange. He comes back and says work is done. She asks what work did you have. He says forget it, come, bus has come.

Roshni and Vidya come to meet Roshni’s mum. Her mum calls her Kalyani. Roshni says she is calling me. Vidya says I forgot your real name. Roshni says I decided to get married, I like a guy and he also likes me. Her mum says I m glad, do they know you are already married and you have a child. Roshni says no. Her mum says its wrong, you have to tell them.

Roshni says you are responsible for that, you got me married to an old man, he died within two years of marriage. She argues with her mum. Vidya stops her. Roshni says she is spoiling my happiness. Her mum says they might know it from somewhere. Roshni asks how will they know, who will tell them. Vidya says she is right. Roshni says I will tell sorry if they know it later. Her mum agrees. Roshni says I just came to give you this news. She gives money and asks her to buy clothes and shoes for Krish. She leaves with Vidya.

Sachin and Sayali are on the way in a bus. He sees her sleeping, resting her head on the bus window. He applies the ointment to her foot sores. She wakes up and looks at him. He turns away. She asks what’s this. He asks do you want water. She says no. She thinks he went to buy this cream for me, why do I always think wrong about him. She smiles.

He gives her the cream. Sachin sees a lady and greets her. He helps the lady and asks her to board the bus. He talks to her. He asks Sayali to eat the guava. He likes it and asks how is it. Sayali says its tasty. Sachin jokes on her diet. The lady asks who is she. Sachin says she is new in the village, I thought Aaji told you. The lady says yes, you got married, so she is your wife, why are you shy to say. She compliments their jodi. She asks what’s your name. Sayali tells her name. The lady blesses them. She says Sachin is a nice guy, he has a golden heart, he will take good care of you. Sayali says he is shy to show his golden heart.

Renu and Shakku have a talk. Renu says I can get Tejas married now. Shakku says Roshni had called, she wants to talk to you. Roshni comes there. She says I can’t marry for the next two years. Renu asks why. Roshni tells something. Renu says there would be another way to open a parlor, delaying marriage for two years isn’t right. Roshni says I have no other way, I won’t take money from dad, no one will give me such a big amount, explain this to Tejas. Renu stops her. She says you and Tejas want to marry, don’t decide it in a rush, we will arrange money, don’t postpone the marriage. Roshni smiles and fools her. Renu hugs her.

Sachin gives his seat to a lady and stands. The lady gets down at the stop. Sayali asks him to sit. He says I m fine here. She says village is far, sit. Roshni’s mum and Krish board the bus. Sachin asks her to sit. Krish thanks Sayali. He argues with Sachin. Roshni’s mum asks him to talk to elders with respect. Sayali talks to Roshni’s mum. Roshni’s mum says I m going to pray to Kuldevi. Sayali asks Krish his name. He says Krish. She asks about his parents. He says I don’t have my parents, I just have Aaji and Kaku.

Roshni’s mum says my daughter comes less often to meet him. Krish says I don’t have my parents. Sayali says he might be living sad. Roshni’s mum says no, his Kaku takes care of him. Sachin says none can take parents’ place, Aaji raised me, I have my mum, but she is like she doesn’t exist. Roshni’s mum asks Krish to go back and sit. He refuses. Sayali asks him to sit in her lap. He says he is staring at you. Roshni’s mum says he is aunty’s husband. She asks Sachin not to feel bad. He says its fine.

Sayali asks Sachin to give him a fruit. Sachin sits on the other seat. Renu and Shakku visit a temple. Renu says Tejas and Roshni should marry before Sachin returns from village. Shakku says we have to arrange money, I know a finance company, we have to mortgage some property or something. Renu asks what will we mortgage. Shakku says you can keep house papers mortgaged and get the money.

Renu says no, it will be a big risk, the house is on Paresh and my name, he will never agree for this. Shakku says its just for loan, you can get the papers back after paying it. Renu says it will be risky. Shakku says Roshni will earn well when she opens a parlor, Tejas will also do a job. Renu says yes, we have no other option, Roshni is rich, its good.

Sachin asks Sayali to keep her hand inside the window, she may get hurt. He asks do you want to have food. She says no. She asks Roshni’s mum about her. Roshni’s mum tells about Roshni going to do a love marriage. She asks is it your love marriage. Sayali says no, our families fixed it. Roshni’s mum says he is taking care of you with love. Sayali says yes, he takes care of me. Roshni’s mum says I hope my son in law keeps my daughter happy, I want to buy a saree for my daughter. Sayali says I will help you in buying, do you have your daughter’s pic. Roshni’s mum asks Krish for the phone to show the pic. She says the phone got hanged. Krish says give it to me, I will get the pic. He says she is beautiful. He shows Roshni’s pic.

Sayali sings a song. Sachin looks at her. He jokes on her singing. She says sorry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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