Udne Ki Aasha 6th June 2024 : Aaji Decides to be Cupid !

The episode commences with a dialogue between Sachin and Paresh. Sachin is adamant about retrieving his money from Tejas, which greatly annoys Sayali. She chastises Sachin for his monetary fixation, but Sachin is determined to reclaim his money by any means necessary.

Both Paresh and Aaji conduct a Pooja at the temple, praying for the welfare of Sachin and Sayali. Aaji also prays for Tejas’ prosperous future. However, Sachin remains skeptical, believing that Tejas will deceive his bride-to-be on their wedding day.

Sachin and Sayali attempt to foster a friendship, much to the delight of Paresh and Aaji who observe them together. Aaji harbors hope that Sayali, being a kind-hearted individual, will bring about a positive change in Sachin’s life.

Later, Paresh pulls Sachin aside, pleading with him not to quarrel with Tejas, who is attempting to reform himself through his impending marriage to Roshni. Despite this, Sachin reiterates his demand for full repayment before the wedding. Sayali assures him of her support for his family. Aaji commends Sayali’s benevolence, believing she can mend all wounds despite her own experiences of betrayal.

However, a dispute ensues between Sachin and Sayali. Sachin is hurt when Sayali accuses him of squandering money on alcohol. He vows not to waste money henceforth. Upon their arrival home, Aaji imparts some life lessons to them, hoping they can coexist harmoniously. Sachin, however, is reluctant to abide by Aaji’s rules. Sayali realizes that Aaji’s intentions are to unite them.

Roshni becomes agitated when she receives a call from her mother, whom she doesn’t wish to speak with. Krish, on the other hand, is eager to converse with Roshni, but she avoids any interaction with him. This leaves her emotional. When her friend questions her avoidance of Krish, Roshni expresses her desire for a free life with her son and emphasizes the importance of focusing on her career.

In the evening, Sachin wishes to write on the floor, but Aaji forbids it, hoping for a harmonious relationship between Sachin and Sayali.

Paresh attempts to contact Roshni’s father, but she provides an incorrect number, deliberately evading the issue.

Preview: Sayali and Sachin will visit a temple to perform a Pooja.

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