Vivian DSena Speaks About His Role as Ranveer, His Co-Star Eisha Singh from ‘Sirf Tum’

Popular Television actor Vivian Dsena, who recently returned to the small screen with Sirf Tum, is seen playing a college going boy in the show. The actor in a recent chat with ETimes TV shared that he had to work on himself to justify the character of a college-going boy. In an exclusive chat, the actor talked about his fitness regime and also opened up about the reason for being away from the small screen.

“I was away from the small screen because of the pandemic. It is very easy to say that things have started to return to normalcy so why don’t you return to the small screen, but people don’t understand it is a huge process that one has to go through. Not only us, even the channel and the producers. They have to go through several things to set up a show. It requires at least six to eight months of time to set up a show. For an actor also it takes a lot of time to do a show, you need to prep for your role,” he said.

Vivian elaborated that he tries his best to not repeat his characters and with ‘Sirf Tum’, he is once again attempting something new, “I’ve always maintained so far that I won’t repeat myself as an actor and won’t do the same kind of characters, I am sticking to it. This is a show with a medical backdrop. I am playing an athlete, a college topper. I have never played so many different layers and shades in a single character. For me it is a kind of a power-packed role,” shared the actor.

Talking about the preparation that he underwent to play the character, Vivian shared, “If you ask me about this show, I had to prepare myself where I have to look like a college going boy only then I can enter the college. If I don’t look like the character people will laugh at me. People would have mocked at me. There was a process which was combined behind the screen, and also the pandemic, added up to whatever time we took to be back on the small screen. I had to prepare for the role. I had to hit the gym, play football and do a lot of cardio activities to get myself look like a 24-year-old. For me it was not about losing weight, it was about looking fit and behaving. Only looking fit won’t help me as I’ll have to last throughout the day on the sets.”

Vivian, who is paired opposite Eisha Singh in the show, talked about his working experience on the show with her, “Eisha and I share our views and point of views while working together. There are times when I suggest to her and there are situations when she tells me a few things. She listens to me and since I am a little senior to her, she respects me. Not just with her, even with our director, we discuss a lot so that the scenes look fresh and not repetitive. A lot of brainstorming happens on the sets. As a co-actor it is always my duty to help and co-star so that we make a good show together,” he concluded.

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