Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th June 2024 : Arjun – Kashvi ko Mila Clue !

Doctor tells Arjun that he has alloted a room for him so that he can enquire with the hospital staff. Nurse tells Doctor that the patient is admitted now, who has bullet injuries and his survival chances are less. She says he is not ready for treatment until he gives statement to Police, and said that he has some important info. Arjun says I am a civil service officer and he can give statement to me. He comes to Gopal (Shanti’s aide). He sees his injuries and says he is shot many times. Gopal apologizes to him. Arjun says I saw you somewehere, but where? Gopal says Shanti…my child…CD 859. Arjun asks if it is some place, what you knows what my child. Gopal dies. Arjun says you can’t die. Doctor comes there and checks him to declare him death.

Kashvi gets Arjun’s call. Arjun tells her everything. Kashvi gets emotional and tells that they have to crack this code cd859. Arjun says this is the last hope for us. He says I will go to hacker. Kashvi says she is leaving for hotel. She will check in RTO. and will find out if it is someone’s vehicle number.He goes to the hacker and asks if this is any location. The hacker checks and couldn’t find the info. Arjun says if it is CD. Hacker gives him info about the CD show. He comes to the CD shops and enquire about the CD859.

The guy says he doesn’t know. Arjun says you have good collection of CDS. The guy says you can see. He sees the door and opens it to find a bar inside. He thinks he will get answers here. Just then some goons attack him and says he has found much more. They hit him again.

Kashvi couldn’t find any vehicle with CD859 on RTO website. She calls Arjun, but his number is not reachable. She gets worried and hopes that he is not in trouble. She thinks they have tracker in each other’s phones. She tracks Arjun’s phone and finds his location to be Rajshri music collection. She comes out of the hotel. Aditya is in his car and sees Kashvi. He thinks what she is doing outside the hotel. Kashvi takes a taxi and goes. Aditya follows her, maintaining distance from her taxi and thinks to find out what she is doing. He gets Raunaq Sir’s call. He picks it, listens to him and says ok.

Kashvi comes to Rajshri music shop and enquires with the guy, if Arjun has come here, showing his photo. The guy lies that he didn’t see him. He asks who is he? Kashvi says he is my friend and called me here. Kashvi gets doubtful. The guy looks at Kashvi. Kashvi thinks Arjun might have leave some clue for me, I have to find it. She finds his phone near the rack, takes the phone and leaves. The guy thinks it is good that she went, she will not come back. She comes out and sees CCTV camera. She tells the shopkeeper to show the footage and says she is a civil service officer. The guy shows her footage.

Kashvi sees Arjun going inside the CD shop, but he didn’t come out. She thinks where did he go? She thinks to check at backside of the shop. She goes backside and finds the song playing. She finds the bar behind the CD shop, and thinks Arjun might have found about this bar, and they would have caught him. She thinks the CD shop is just an excuse, they are running this bar. She thinks Arjun must be inside and thinks how to go inside. The guy tells that Dilruba will begin the dance in 20 mins.

Precap: Mahima tells Arjun and Kashvi that they are Karun’s real parents. Kashvi makes arrangement to welcome her son. Arjun says everything will be perfect. Kashvi says my son Karun is coming to me. Door bell rings. The lady informs them that Karun is missing and drops his bag on the floor. Arjun and Kashvi get shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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