Yeh Hai Chahatein : A Crime !! The Victim – Rudra !!

During party, Sania slips and drops juice on Preesha’s sari. She apologizes and says let us go to room and change her sari. Preesha says its okay as she will change in her own room. Sania says she will accompany him. Rudra says let us go. Sania asks what will he do between girls. Fans surround Rudra, and they both walk away. Rudra seeing Arman walks to him thinking of confronting him.

Arman praises Rudra and Preesha’s jodi. Rudra says he is interfering between them and not letting them consummate. Arman apologizes him for Anvi’s incident. Rudra says someone tried to ruin his suhagraat many times and reminds him of many other incidents. Arman gets angry and asks if he is blaming him. Rudra says he is trying to interfere between him and Preesha and is using even his daughter for that, in fact he mixed powder in his juice to spoil his voice, etc. He insists to accept his crimes like a man.

Arman accepts it and says he loves Preesha and wants her back in his and his daughter’s lives, he was happily married to Preesha and she would have started loving him soon. Rudra shouts Preesha never married him and she stayed with him for Anvi. Their allegations and counterallegations continue. Rudra shouts what should he do to stop him. Arman says he can with wife swap. Rudra shouts angrily.

Arman says they were married to each other’s wives, so tonight he will spend night with Preesha and Rudra can spend night with Sania. Rudra angrily beats him. Arman thinks he wanted Rudra to beat him in front of the world. Hotel staff pulls Rudra out. Waiter brings water for him. Arman acting as clashing with him drops some tablets in water. Rudra drinks water and walks away warning Arman to stay away from Preesha if he wants to be alive.

Rudra walks wobbling after medicine effect. Arman smirks thinking Rudra will not remember what happened tonight. Rudra returns to his room heavily inebriated due to pill effect. Preesha thinks he is drunk. Rudra blabbers he will not spare Arman, she is only his, etc. She says she will get water for him. He pins her on bed and consummates her with her.

On the other side, Sania asks Arman if his given pill will show its effect. He says it already did and asks her to execute their next plan. Sania calls Rudra and pleads him for help. He walks to her room thinking what must have happened to her. She closes door and gets intimate. He pushes her away and shouts why are she and Arman doing this, he will inform everything to Preesha. Arman sniffs him choloroform from behind and making him unconscious asks Sania to make him believe that he was with her whole night.

Next morning, Preesha wakes up and not finding Rudra on bed walks in lobby searching him and calling his number. She hears his phone ringing in a room and thinks what is he doing here. She sees a staff passing by and requests him to open the door with master key as her husband is stuck inside. He denies, but she convinces him. She then walks in and stands shocked.

Precap: Sharda calls Ahuja and asks about Rudra. He says Rudra must be sleeping after late night party. Sharda thinks something wrong must have happened. Preesha sees Sania lying murdered on floor and thinks Rudra must have done it. Waiter notices Sania’s dead body and runs away shouting murder..

Update Credit to: MA

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