Yeh Hai Chahatein : Badli Badli Si Preesha !

Preesha thinks if Rudra is alive, why didn’t he return to him; she would have informed him everything and shouldn’t have married Armaan. Pihu walks in and says she needs to talk to her. Preesha asks how did she and Rudra meet. Pihu says she wants to talk regarding that. She says she was shattered completely after Vidyuth death and wanted to commit suicide when Rudra saved her, slowly she got attracted to Rudra and fell in his love seeing his goodness, Preesha knows anyone can fall in Rudra’s love.

Preesha feels nervous. Pihu asks Preesha when she loved only Rudra, how could she marry Rudra’s enemy Armaan. Preesha says its a big story. Armaan walks in acting as kid calling Preesha aunty and asks her to unwrap his lollipop. Pihu is shocked and asks why is bhai behaving like a kid. Armaan insists Preesha to tell him story. Preesha hesitantly agrees. Armaan lies on her lap and listen to story, enjoying lollipop.

Preesha thinks he needs to inform Rudra about Armaan. Rudra walks in and burns in anger seeing Armaan lying on Preesha’s lap. He pulls Armaan away and asks Preesha how dare she is to romance Armaan in his room. Sharda reveals that Preesha and Armaan are staying in Rudra’s room since he left. Rudra orders Preesha to get out of his room as he wants to stay there with his fiancee.

Sharda takes Rudra from there and reveals that Armaan lost his memory after he suffered head injury and his brain is of a 7-year-old boy. Pihu asks if bhai will not get well again. Sharda says Armaan’s treatment is going on. Rudra asks why Preesha is supporting him. Sharda says Preesha repaid Rudra’s loans via Armaan’s money and hence she is staying in Rudra’s house with Armaan since then. Rudra thinks there is some other reason because of which Preesha is staying with Armaan, he needs to find out.

He returns to Preesha and asks why is he with Armaan. Preesha says its her choice. Rudra reminds Armaan’s heinous acts and asks how can she support Armaan. Preesha says because she knows truth. Rudra asks what truth. Preesha thinks only Armaan knows where her baby is. She says she knows Armaan’s truth that he is not acting and is really mentally ill. Armaan urinates in his pants. Preesha tells Rudra that if he had returned on time, she wouldn’t have married Armaan and this all wouldn’t have happened, so Rudra doesn’t have right to speak. She takes Armaan from there.

On terrace, Saransh tells Rudra that he knows even Rudra is shocked seeing Armaan’s condition. Rudra says he can’t understand why Preesha is supporting Armaan. Saransh says Preesha doesn’t do anything without a reason and he is sure Preesha will reveal a reason soon.

He says they were completely bankrupt and in debt after Rudra left them, Preesha took loan from Armaan and repaid loan; he warns Rudra not to talk bad about Preesha and walks away. Preesha walks to Rudra and says she used to talk to star considering its Rudra and express her emotions for him; her love reached him and he returned, its her bad fate that he is near her and she can’t even touch him. Rudra says if she was so desperate for him, why didn’t she wait for him and married Armaan.

Roohi walks to Rudra and asks what is he doing with Preesha. Pihu watches them hiding and recalls waking up Roohi from sleep and sending her to disturb Rudra and Preesha. She thinks she will use Roohi against Preesha and brainwashes Pihu against Preesha, thinks Vidyuth died because of Preesha and hence she will not let Preesha to reuite with Rudra. Roohi asks Rudra what is he doing with Mrs Thakur. Rudra asks why is she misbehaving with her mother. Roohi says Preesha is not her mother.

Precap: Preesha feels jealous seeing Pihu hugging Rudra and her and Rudra’s bedroom pics replaced with Rudra and Pihu’s pics. Rudra says he changed pics as its his room and pins Preesha on bed. Pihu gets a parcel with a an ugly doll and letter written with blood. Rudra thinks who must have sent this.

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