Yeh Hai Chahatein : Bunty Traces Preesha ; Visits Her Clinic

Bunty continues checking women’s hands during competition and gets tired. He sees many women still waiting except Preesha. Rudra asks if Preesha came. Bunty says no, if he is sure he saw Preesha. Rudra says yes and that bangle belongs to Preesha.

Saransh’s school trip van passes via Rothak and breaks down. Van driver tells teacher there is no tyre stepny and hence they need to call another van. Teacher asks students to get out of van and stand aside. Saransh notices a temple and walks towards it to click pics. Mukhiya’s goon notice a contest pamphlet and women passing by fuming for losing in contest and think of checking on it.

Roohi with Saachi visits contest venue and seeing lal tamatar/Rudra asks where had he gone leaving her alone. Mukhiya’s goon pass by. They hide. Roohi insists Rudra to accompany her before mukhiya’s goons notice and punish him. He thinks how will he meet Preesha then, but agrees and says he will inform his friend first and then accompany her.

Preesha enters competition venue and asks contestants if contest is over. They say not yet. She thanks god and sits thinking she will win competition and get 1 lakh prize money to repay Yuvraj’s loan. Bunty gets tensed seeing mukhiya’s goons and hurriedly hides camera in a cupboard. Goons threaten to cut his hands for eyeing on their village women. Rudra notices goons and tells Roohi that he needs to help his friend.

Roohi says Bunty is intelligent and will escape somehow, so he should escape from here first. Goons identify Bunty as Rudra’s friend and asks about Rudra. Bunty says he really doesn’t know where Rudra is. They break things and drag him to mukhiya. Beena maasi takes Preesha from there.

Roohi takes Rudra to store room and ties him to cot so that he cannot go out and get into trouble. Rudra says he will not and says he wants to find his special person and hence organized the contest via Bunty. Roohi says she trusts him. He requests to get a contest camera from Bunty. Roohi agrees and leaves. Mukhiya tortures Bunty and insists to reveal Rudra’s location.

Bunty denies and starts drama. Mukhiya spares him, and he happily returns to contest venue. Roohi reaches there and informs that Rudra needs camera. He gets camera out of cupboard and hands over to Roohi. Roohi noticing him injured takes him to her mother’s clinic. Saransh loses his and gets afraid. Roohi finds someone following him.

Precap: Sachi returns to Rudra and informs hi that Roohi took injured Bunty to her mamma’s clinic. Rudra hopes Bunty found out Preesha. Bunty enters clinic and is shocked to see Preesha alive.

Update Credit to: MA

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