Yeh Hai Chahatein : Major Drama Follow Samrat, Nayantara, Ishani & Mohit !

Mansi continues to accuse Ishani that she lured her would be husband and shared bed with him just a day before their wedding. Mohit walks into the room followed by reporters. Samrat shoos reporters away. Mansi shouts at Ishani to tell what had happened last night. Ishani cries and recalls feeling intoxicated after having juice. Raghav helps her to her room and then offers her water. She says she doesn’t remember what happened after that.

Nayantara accuses Raghav off spking Ishani’s juice and then forcing himself on her, Ishani loves Mohit and will never look at anyone else. Raghav says Ishani forced herself on him instead and he lost his control even forgetting about his marriage with Mansi. Mohit gets angry and brutally trashes Raghav.

Malati continues to worry for Ishani and Nayan and hopes they are fine. Aaliya asks her why she is crying. Malati says both Ishani and Nayan haven’t returned home since yesterday. Aaliya says whole world knows where and what her daughters, especially Ishani, are doing. She shows her a news where reporters says Raghav was caught red handed sharing a bed with Ishani Iyer who is rockstar Samrat’s SIL. She accuses that Ishani ruined her life earlier by snatching Mohit from her and now ruined Mansi’s life by snatching Raghav from her.

Mohit continues continues to trash Raghav. Raghav points gun at him and warns him to stop. Samrat controls Mohit and He continues that Ishani is the one who lured him. Ishani says he is lying. He recalls how he gave her sleeping pills and raped her and thinks nobody knows what he did. He continues his stance. Ishani challenges to expose him. Drama continues.

He fills vermillion in Ishani’s hair and says he will marry her if she thinks he ruined her life. Reporters barge in and start recording the drama. Ishani refuses to marry a cheapster like him and says she knows he gave her a sleeping pill and then forced himself on her. She challenges to send him to jail once she finds evidence against him.

Mansi confronts Raghav next and says they were marrying today and she is carrying his baby, even then he betrayed her. Raghav says she knows what kind of a person he is, even then she thought he would marry her; he just needs a heir to take forward his lineage and doesn’t want to marry her and stop looking at other girls. Mansi gives him a tight slap and continues to cuss him.

Precap: Nayan informs Sam that Raghav had spiked her juice and had planned to take revenge from her, but Ishani got caught instead.
Aaliya tells Mansi that they both will kick out Ishani and Nayan from Mohit and Sam’s lives, she will get Mohit and Mansi will get Sam. Mansi says she will have a perfect family with Sam and will teach Nayan a lesson.

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