Yeh Hai Chahatein : Mishka Blames Venky

Venky forces himself on Mishka and says she alleged him with molestation charges 10 years ago, he will make it true today. She pleads not to ruin her life. He says she ruined his life 10 years ago and he will do justice today. He pushes her on bed and jumps on her. Aryan with family returns home and says he will go and check Mishka. Preesha asks him to go and get ready first. Venky walks to them. Preesha asks him why is he wearing different kurta. He says it was tight and he was feeling itchy, so he changed it; he will change back if she wants. She says its okay. Rudra thinks Venky is here, he must have already done something wrong.

Param enters with baraat. Preesha and others welcome him and make him sit in a mandap. She then goes to call Mishka and knocks her room door, but when she doesn’t open door, she informs Rudra and Param. Venky grins and thinks now Mishka will experience what he experienced 10 years ago. Param and Rudra with Preesha rush to Mishka’s room and break open door to find Mishka unconscious on bed. They wake her up. Mishha panics seeing her torn clothes. Preesha comforts her. Family gathers. Mishka says she got raped. They are shocked to hear that. Rudra shouts he told her not to open door until he returns. She says he took Rudra’s name, so she opened door and he.. Preesha asks who is he. Mishka points at Venky. Preesha asks if she is in her senses. Mishka says Venky did it really this time. Preesha asks what does she mean. Rudra reveals Mishka had alleged Venky of false molestation charges 10 years ago.

Saransh and Venky question Sharda why Param and Mishka’s wedding is not happening and pray that everything will be alright. Preesha tongue lashes Mishka and asks if Venky and her parents were suffering since 10 years because of her. Rudra says Mishka informed him already and told she was a college-going kid then and played a prank. Vasu says Mishka’s lie ruined her son’s life, she thought her son is dead for 10 years, her son was dying each day, her husband was in sorrow for 10 years seeing his son’s condition, Rudra just blindly believed Mishka. Mishka apologizes and says she already apologized Venky. Vasu says she is alleging him again and asks Rudra if he believes Mishka even now. GPS says Venky cannot even walk or talk properly. Rudra shouts Venky is fine and is just acting, Preesha can go and ask Dr Radha, Venky is normal now with Radha’s treatment and in fact she has ordered retests on him.

Preesha says Rudra took Venky to Dr Radha to prove him wrong. Rudra says Venky came to this house to take revenge from Mishka, she can ask Venky himself. Preesha asks Venky if Mishka is that girl. Venky accepts and says he wants to forget the past and doesn’t want to punish Mishka, he got back his family and has moved on, he even forgave Mishka and hence didn’t inform anyone about their past; Mishka is marrying Param, then why will he ruin her life; she is wrongly alleging him again, etc.

Precap: Rudra confronts Venky for ruining Mishka’s life. Vasu slaps him and warns to stay away from her son. Rudra determines to expose Venky and demands Mishka’s medical test. Preesha says she will decide about his and her relationship after test results come. Rudra stands shocked seeing report.

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