Yeh Hai Chahatein : Mishka Proposes Marriage with Rudraksh

Mishka demands Rudra to marry her. Rudra shouts how dare she is to say this. Mishka asks him to calm down and says its not a normal marriage but just mutual understanding, she needs a lavish life and protection and he needs to clean Preesha’s image and is technically single, so he should marry her. Rudra shouts if she has gone mad, does she think he will marry her after what she did with him and Saransh. He says if he had known Sania’s location, he wouldn’t have tolerated her. She says that is why, if he needs Sania’s location and wants to clear Preesha’s name, he should marry her.

On the other side, Preesha tries to leave Arman’s den. Arman’s guards stop her. She says she will complain Arman. Arman thanks his agent for arranging tickets and visa for Australia and thinks he will leave India tomorrow, will send Anvi to boarding school, and be happy with Preesha. Preesha starts breaking things angrily. Guard calls Arman and informs that madam is breaking things here.

Preesha snatches phone and asks Arman if she thinks she is his slave and he can take her wherever he wants to, she will not; she will not go anywhere with him. He says someone informed inspector Chautala that she is alive, so Chautala is planning to reinvestigate her case and send her back to jail. He asks if she wants her baby to be born in jail. She says no. He thinks she is too innocent to fall for his lies again.

Rudra returns home crying and informs Sharda that Mishka demanded to marry him if he wants Sania’s location. He explains whole story. She says he can’t marry her and suggests him to ask her to show proof first. He asks if he should marry Mishka if she shows proof. She gets silent. Next day, he bails out Reshma. Reshma thanks Mishka for freeing her from jail. Mishka says she should thank Rudra instead as he bailed her out. Reshma thanks him. Mishka says she and Rudra are marrying. Rudra asks her to give him proof first that Sania is alive. She asks if he is for real, he still wants proof. He says she can deny her offer. She gets tensed and asks him to go home while she gets proof at his house and be ready for marriage. He leaves. She asks Reshma to call Sunil and ask him to send Sania’s video.

Sania panics being locked in a room and shouts that she should have been in London by now, but Arman trapped her here. Sunil gets Reshma’s call. Sania asks him if he hears phone ringing. He says no and walks to washroom where he speaks to Reshma who after a long chat asks him to click Sania’s video and send it to him. He agrees. Arman packs his clothes. Chachaji walks in and asks if he is going out. He says he is shifting abroad with Preesha.

Chachaji gets angry and asks if he has gone mad. He argues with Chachaji not to interfere and sends him away. He calls Preesha and asks if her packing is done. She says and thinks she is not happy to go with Arman. Sunil records Sania’s video silently and sends it to Reshma. Mishka gets happy seeing video and thinks Rudra will have to marry her now. Rudra with Sharda eagerly waits for Mishka. Mishka enters with Reshma and after a bit of drama shows Sania’s video and demands to marry her. Rudra says they need to make wedding arrangements first. Mishka says she already did.

Precap: Preesha comes to meet Rudra hiding and shatters seeing him marrying Mishka. Arman says even she should forget Rudra and start a new life. After marriage, Mishka takes Rudra to Sania who stands shocked seeing him.

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