Yeh Hai Chahatein : Mishka’s ‘Condition’ Stuns Rudraksh!

Preesha mixes hypnotic pill in juice. Arman walks in and asks if she is fine. She says she is feeling uneasy after having juice and asks him to check it. He sips juice. She insists to finish full glass. He does and says its fine. She sips from another glass. He feels drowsy, and she makes him sleep on bed thinking she wanted him to get semiconscious and reveal who is Sania’s murderer.

Rudra with Mishka meets Reshma who reveals how Arman ordered Sunil to perform Sania’s murder makeup and then asked him to hide. He asks where is Sania now. He says Arman has hidden her somewhere and Sunil knows it. She demands him to get her out of jail if he wants Sunil’s location. He agrees to bail her out and asks Mishka to be with him until he finds Sania.

Preesha questions semiconscious Arman if he loves Sania. He accepts that he loves Preesha instead and how he tried to ruin Rudra’s concert to separate Rudra and Preesha. Sania asks why Sania helped him. He reveals that Sania loves Rudra like he loves Preesha and reveals what all he did. She asks what happened on Sania’s murder night. He laughs and says she is a fool and he is feeling bad for her. She asks what he mean. He continues laughing and says she is too innocent.

Rudra barges into Arman’s house with his usual shouting attitude and calls Arman. Chachaji stops him. Rudra asks not to interfere. Chachaji says he is Arman’s chacha/uncle and will always support him. Rudra shouts that he wants to kill Arman as he planned Sania’s fake murder and trapped Preesha in Sania’s murder, Sania is alive and he wants to know her location.

Chachaji is shocked to hear that. Rudra walks away shouting. Chachaji calls Arman, but Preesha asks Arman to disconnect call. Chachaji calls him again and asks if Sania is alive, why didn’t he hid the family, and if its true, he will go to jail; he should return home right now. Arman gets up and walks out wobbling while Preesha continues questioning him and thinking what did Chachaji say that Arman got alert and left.

Rudra returns to Mishka and says he went to kill Arman for trapping Preesha in Sania’s fake murder, but he didn’t find him. Mishka asks he alerted Arman because of his anger, and as Preesha says, he right that he loses his sense in anger. He says Preesha truth always wins, so stop her lecture. She asks him to bail out Reshma first and thinks this is just a beginning and wait and watch what will happen next. Arman returns home. Chachaji asks if Sania is alive, why did he hide his plan from him.

Arman says he doesn’t want to involve him in this. Chachaji says he doesn’t want to go to jail because of his foolish acts, Rudra threatened to send him to jail as he trapped his Preesha. Arman shouts Preesha belongs to him and he knows how to handle Rudra, so Chachaji should stay away from all this. He returns to his room planning to leave for Australia with Preesha ASAP, calls his goons, and orders them to not let Preesha out until he comes there. Rudra speaks to his lawyer and tells Mishka says Reshma will be bailed out tomorrow. She asks what about her, she needs some security for herself. He yells and asks if she needs money. She demands him to marry her.

Precap: Rudra informs Sharda that Mishka wants to marry him. Arman calls Preesha and says he is coming to pick her up. Rudra asks Mishka how to trust her. She shows Sania’s live video.

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