Yeh Hai Chahatein : Mukhiya’s Goon’s Trouble Preesha!

Preesha visits Saachi’s house to take back Roohi home. Roohi gets nervous and thanks god that Rudra walked out before mamma came in. Sachi’s mother asks Preesha to join their party. Rudra standing out thinks he feels connected to Roohi and hasn’t drank since 5 days while he couldn’t stay away from alcohol since 5 years even for 10 minutes.

Roohi rushes to him and informs that her mamma has come, so he should go away before she sees him. Preesha passes by searching Roohi. Lights go off. She slips. He holds her hand and senses she is Preesha. Preesha also senses him and thinks he shouldn’t know that she is here. Someone carries Christmas tree and pushes Preesha aside. She runs away from there. Rudra thinks he cannot let her go this time and searches her.

Preesha returns home and thinks how can Rudra be here while he finished his concert and left already, she must have mistaken another man as Rudra as she remembers Rudra all the time. She consoles herself not to think much about Rudra as her chahatein/immense love for him made her imagine him. Next morning, Preesha visits her clinic and is shocked to see it destroyed.

Beena maasi says Mukhiya’s goons must have done this. Preesha thinks how can they destroy her clinic when she promised to pay mukhiya’s rent. Mukhiya’s men walk in and reveal that they took revenge as her man punished them. Preesha remembers Yuvraj punishing goons. Goons warn her to repay mukhiya’s loan in 2 days or else face dire consequences.

Roohi visits Rudra and seeing him having cold and fever scolds to take care of him and goes to get medicine from Preesha’s clinic. Preesha gets worried and tells Beena maasi that she needs to pay 30,000 rs rent to mukhiya or else his goons will kick her out of even house. Beena asks should she take her sons’ help. Preesha denies and says she cannot put maasi’s sons in trouble and has to do something else. Roohi hears their conversation and returns to Rudra with medicines.

Rudra asks why she looks sad. She informs that goons will trouble her mamma if she doesn’t pay rent in 2 days. Rudra thinks of helping Roohi and Preesha, calls Bunty via public booth, and asks him to get 1 lakh to Rothak by evening. Bunty asks why he needs such a big amount. Rudra says he will inform once he meets him. Bunty agrees.

Yuvraj waits for Roohi outside her school and seeing her offers her ice cream. Roohi says she is not in a mood. He thinks junior chipkali/lizard has more attitude than senior chipkali, asks why her mood is off. She says her mamma needs to pay rent to mukhiya or else mukhiya will kick them out of house and clinic, asks about his date. He says it didn’t go well and insists her to have ice cream. She says she already told she is not in a mood and walks away. He fumes thinking even daughter slipping out of his grip.

Bunty meets Rudra and asks why he needs 1 lakh. Rudra asks him to give it to mukhiya and inform him that its Dr. Priya Sharma’s 10 month rent. Bunty asks who is Priya. Rudra says she is Roohi’s mother and reminds their first meeting. Bunty asks why is he helping her. Rudra says he feels connected to Roohi. Bunty asks when will he return home. Rudra says he sensed Preesha here and will not return until he finds her. Bunty says Preesha is already gone. Rudra gets adamant and asks him to pay rent to Mukhiya first.

Mukhiya laughs with his goons and says he will kick doctor out of village. Bunty’s aide walks in, pays 1 lakh rent, and walks away asking him to rent send receipt to Priya. Mukhiya gets suspicious and determines to find out Priya’s secret.

Precap: Roohi informs Rudra that Raj uncle paid their house’s rent. Preesha takes bath in her bathroom. Rudra also goes to same bathroom and stands shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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