Yeh Hai Chahatein : Nayantara Gets Jealous !

Nayantara gets out of washroom and finds Samrat there. She says he frightened her. Sam asks if he is a ghost and says he saw Mansi entering washroom to humiliate Nayan and came to protect her. Nayan says Mansi tried to humiliate her saying he used to sing that song only for her, she says he sings for her now after their marriage and made Mansi jealous instead. Sam asks if she really did this for him. She says. He thanks her and she thanks him back. Mansi notices their equation again and thinks she wants to test if Sam really loves Nayan. She walks to DJ and asks him to announce a couple dance. DJ announces couple dance.

Sam asks Nayan to dance with him. She says she is not a good dancer. He says he knows but wants her to support him or else he will not give her Prem’s custody. Nayan agrees. They both dance with other couples on Apna Banale Mujhe… song plays in the background. Sam looks at Mansi while dancing with Nayan. Nayan notices that. DJ ends song and then announces couple swap dance. Raghav taunts Sam that he is lucky to dance with his would be wife Mansi. Sam says Raghav is lucky instead as Mansi is his ex-wife and Nayan present wife, he is getting a chance to dance with them both.

Malati eagerly waits for Ishani’s call. She gets a call from inspector who informs her about Ishani’s death in a car accident. She panics and calls Nayan. Mansi dances with Sam. Raghav asks Nayan to tell her and Sam’s love story. Nayan says like opposites attract, she and Sam got attracted to each other and are soulmates and loves of their lives. Mansi tries to lure Sam. Sam falls for her and reciprocates. Mansi grins and thinks Nayan was wrong that Sam loves only Nayan, even now he loves Mansi. Nayan feels jealous seeing that. Raghav taunts Nayan that her so called soulmate is lost in his fiance’s arms forgetting Nayan. Mansi asks Sam to accept that he still loves and craves for her. A romantic song plays in the background.

Mansi tries to kiss him. He pushes her and says he knew she would play this game, so he was waiting to make her realize that her presence doesn’t matter to him, he is attracted to only his wife now. Mansi stands jealous. Sam tells Raghav that he wants to dance with wife and can’t see his wife dancing with others like him. Raghav says sure and walks to Mansi. He tells her that he saw what she was doing. Mansi says she was trying to show Nayan her place, she loves him and is marrying him. Sam asks Nayan why she feels upset and reason. She leaves dance floor and tells Sam that she wants to go from here. Sam says he wants to finish is drink and continues to gulp glasss of liquor. She stops him. He says they will be divorced in 2 days.

Precap: Malati informs Nayan that Ishani died because of evil Sam. Nayan confronts Sam and then kills Aaliya.

Update Credit to: MA

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