Yeh Hai Chahatein : Nayantara Gets Suspicious of Mansi !

Samrat celebrates Nayan’s birthday, making her feel special. He says its time to have dinner now and shows her South Indian idli dosas he brought from different restaurants. She feels happy and enjoys dosas with him. She then asks why didn’t he inform her about taking Mansi hospital.

He says he called her multiple times and in fact sent messages, but her phone was not reachable. He shows messages. She checks her phone and finds his number blocked. She realizes Mansi did it in lieu of wishing her happy birthday. He then plays Dil Sambhalja Zara… song and dances with her. Prem and Chintu watch them hiding.

Samrat goes to get something. Prem and Chintu walk to Nayan and say Samrat calm her down at last. Nayan says he worked so hard to calm her down. They both inform that its Mansi who forcefully took Samrat to hospital. Nayan thinks surely Mansi is the one who blocked Sam’s number in her mobile. They both ask how will she prove that. After some time, Nayan walks down with Sam and notices a CCTV camera in corridor. She asks him if it works. He says yes.

She goes to security room and asks watchman to show CCTV footage. She is shocked to see Mansi entering her room when she is bathing and using her mobile and gets a proof against Mansi. She then walks to Mansi and confronts her. Mansi acts innocent. Nayan says she knows she wants Samrat back to lead a lavish life as Raghav left her and Samrat is rich now. Mansi denies again. Nayan says she has proof and drags her to Sam’s room.

Nayan tells Samrat that Mansi is the one who blocked his number from her mobile. Samrat refuses to believe her. Nayan says she has proof, takes him to security room, checks CCTV footage, and is shocked to see footage deleted. Guard lies. Mansi starts her drama and says Nayan got insecure and wrongly accused her. Sam refuses to believe Nayan.

Nayan thinks who deleted clip when Mansi was with her. Aaliya peeps out and recalls seeing Nayan getting out of store room, checking footage, and deleting it. She thinks she can’t let Mansi go as only Mansi can get Nayan out of this house. Back to room, Mansi thanks Aaliya for saving her and says Nayan dared to expose her truth in front of Sam, so she will show her right place in Sam’s life.

Next morning, Mansi goes to Sam’s room and asks if she can use his bathroom as she is not getting water in her bathroom. Sam says he will check with servants. Mansi says she already checked with servants, she will just need a few minutes. Sam permits.

Mansi says its weird that they used to share same bathroom when they were husband and wife and now she has to ask him. She enters bathroom and acts as slipping and falling. Sam rushes to bathroom. Nayan walks in and notices Mansi hugging Sam.

Precap: Mansi bribes servant to lie. Nayan questions servant who lies that plumber blocked Mansi’s bathroom water. Nayan goes to check and falls in water tank.

Update Credit to: MA

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