Yeh Hai Chahatein: Nayantara Kidnapped !

Mohit walks to Ishani. Ishani asks why did he come here after insulting her. Mohit says he wanted her to calm down before listening to him. Ishani says she doesn’t want to listen to him. Mohit says he loves only her, but he can’t forget the fact that she spent night with Raghav. Ishani says she thought he would support her in these tough times, but he is still the same; she doesn’t need his support and she is happy alone.

Mohit walks out sadly. Sam hears their conversation and asks Mohit what happened to his love gyaan, he himself cannot handle his love. Mohit says he was trying to explain Ishani that they together can pass through this tough phase, but she is not ready to understand. Sam thinks Mohit is right, he should seek Nayan’s help to convince Ishani.

Nayan picks Prem from school. Mansi reaches there and insists to take Prem home. Nayan says she will take Prem home as usual. Mansi forcefully Prem’s hand. Prem bitges her hand and refuses to go with her. Nayan gets Mansi’s goon’s call who introduces himself from JJ Goenka’s Hospital who has called her for a physiotherapist job interview and she should reach the hospital within 1 hour for interview.

Nayan thinks its a reputed hospital and she can’t miss the interview. Manis questions her and says she shouldn’t miss such a prestigious hospital’s interview and promises to take Prem home. Prem wishes best of luck to Nayan. Nayan leaves for interview.

Sam calls Nayan and finding her number busy gets anxious. Mansi returns home with Prem and informs him about Nayan’s job interview. Sam thinks if he is really missing Nayan as Mohit said. Mansi thinks Nayan will neer return home. Nayan sees a lady severely injured on road seeking help and walks to help her.

Mansi’s goons cover her face from behind with a mask and kidnap her in a truck. Mansi serves food to Prem. Prem asks her to feed him like Nayan does. Mansi refuses and scolds him to eat by himself. Sam passes by and feeds him. Prem thanks him for feeding him like Nayan and kisses his cheek. Sam feels good and thinks like Mohit said, he is getting emotionally attacked to even Prem.

Nayan drops her stuff out out of window thinking police will find her via her stuff. Goons take her to a godown. Sam gets concerned for Nayan when she doesn’t return till late night and thinks of going in her search. Mansi thinks Nayan will never return at all. Sam gets into his car. Prem accompanies him after a much argument. Goons remove a mask from Nayan’s face. Nayan asks if they want a ransom. Goons says they kidnap her on someone’s order. Nayan asks who is it and resists. Goons stuff her in a gunny bag.

Precap: Sam with Prem reaches Nayan’s car and finds her bag and broken mobile. He files Nayan’s missing complaint and finds her stuff on road.

Update Credit to: MA

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