Yeh Hai Chahatein : Pakda Gaya Armaan !

Pihu tells Vidyuth that even he had tried to humiliate her earlier. Vidyuth says he should also be punished then and asks rogue classmate to hit him. Classmates trashes him. Pihu stops him and says she doesn’t want all this. Vidyuth warns rogue classmate and others to dare not misbehave or humiliate any girl or else he will punish them. Armaan tells Preesha that he has a surprise for her and asks her to get ready in the evening for a special dinner outside. Preesha says not today as she is not feeling good. Armaan says she cannot deny him like he didn’t deny her taking him for conference yesterday. She stands silent. He says he is leaving now with Digvijay and would return in the evening.

Sharda with Saransh and Roohi walks to Preesha and says Rudra is missing since last night and asks if she knows where he is. Armaan thinks they will never know where Rudra is, rudely asks how will they will they know where Rudra is, she should go and search him somewhere else. In car, Digvijay notices Armaan happy and asks what is he up to. Armaan says tonight Preesha herself will kill Rudra, now Laila Majnu’s lives’ reverse counting has started. In the evening, Preesha gets Armaan’s jewelry gift. Armaan calls her and asks her to wear that special necklace for their special night and reach Capola Hotel. Preesha gets ready and reaches the venue. She calls Armaan and says this place is very weird. Armaan asks her to open the gate and get in.

Preesha enters in calling Armaan and thinks why Armaan sitting in dark and what he is up to. Armaan says he knows the truth that her memory is back and she is acting and along with Rudra wants to trap her. He shows video of Rudra tied to a chair in a severely injured state. Preesha is shocked to see that and asks what did he do with Rudra. Armaan says he will kill Rudra for troubling her. She shouts no. He says he blindly loved her and wanted to give her luxuries of whole world. He confesses all his crimes he did to get Preesha and says since he couldn’t get her, he will kill them both tonight. Preesha picks a gun and says she will kill him to get him rid off her and rudra’s lives permanently. She shoots at him.

Its just Armaan’s illusion and bullet hits Rudra instead who is tied in the back of the chair. Rudra falls down calling her. Preesha drops her gun in shock and runs towards him recalling their wedding. Serial’s title track plays in the background. She runs and picks him in her arms and tries to wake him up. Armaan enters with an evil laugh and asks how is his surprise, her Rudra is dead now. Preesha is shocked to see him walking on his feet. Armaan says he realized she temporarily paralysed him and tortured him for Rudra. He asks how can she ignore his love and return to Rudra, he wants to feel the pain of losing the dear ones like he did. Preesha shouts enough and love means sacrifice, Rudra sacrificed a lot for her happiness, but an evil and selfish man like Armaan can never love anyone and she hates him.

Armaan shouts he doesn’t care and would like to keep his love with himself. He continues to reveal his sins and how he took Chautala’s help to kidnap Preesha and erased her memory via Dr Sharma, etc. Preesha says she will get him punished for Rudra’s murder. Armaan says she doesn’t have any proof at all and truth is she killed Rudra as her fingerprints are on the gun. He says he just planned and kidnapped Rudra yesterday itself and make Preesha herself shoot Rudra.

Precap: Armaan says Preesha belongs to only him as Rudra is dead. Preesha slaps him and says she would rather die than going with him.
He forcefully drags her along. Raj seeks Pihu’s answer whether she loves him or not. Vidyuth looks at them.

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