Yeh Hai Chahatein: Preesha Dead !!

Inspector Chautala reveals Arman that Preesha is pregnant and doesn’t know about it though. Arman fumes and says he cannot let Preesha be Rudra’s forever and will have to get her back somehow. Chautala says they have very less time left and cannot do anything if evidences reach court tomorrow. He says he will not let that happen and asks her to make sure Preesha is alone in van while transition, he will kidnap her from van. She says its illegal. He says he will prove Preesha as dead and will be with her forever. Out of flashback, Arman tells Preesha that she didn’t want her child to be born in jail and called as a murderer’s son. She says Rudra would have freed her somehow as he had a solid evidence. He asks if its about makeup artist Sunil.

Chachaji watches news about Preesha’s accident and death, gets shocked and thinks of informing Arman. Anvi shouts Prishma in shock seeing the news and runs to Khurana house to meet Prishma. She informs Saransh that Prishma is dead. Sharda drops water glass in shock and says she shouldn’t speak bad. Anvi says she saw it on TV. Sharda stumbles in shock. Chachaji holds her. Rudra with Vasu and GPS returns home senselessly. Sharda asks Rudra if the news is right, where is Preesha. Rudra breaks down saying hat Preesha is no more. Kids hug and cry with him. Sharda also cries loudly.

Preesha asks Arman how does he know about makeup artist. He says even he is investigating Sania’s case and once he found out Sania called Sunil that night, he checked CCTV footages and didn’t find Sunil entering Sania’s room. Preesha says he need not bother as Rudra will find out truth. He says Sunil is missing, she should think about her child at least, and walks away smirking. She thinks Rudra will get her out of jail, but what if he can’t and her child is born in jail.

Rudra cries remembering his happier times with Preesha. Saransh walks to him and asks if mamma will never return. Rudra says she is in their heart and will pray god for them always. Preesha thinks she should meet Rudra and inform him that she is alive and he is becoming a papa. She silently leaves Arman’s house while he is asleep. Rudra returns home after performing Preesha’s last rights and sits in front of her photo.

Preesha watches him hiding. Rudra says his Preesha is not dead and asks Sharda to remove photo. Sharda, GPS, and VAsu try to console him. Preesha thinks she will go to Rudra. Chachaji says they should accept that they performed Preesha’s last right, Arman is also in deep sorrow after losing Sania, anyways Preesha would have been in jail for killing Sania and its god’s wish that she escaped jail. Rudra angrily holds his collar and shouts everything happened because of him and Arman, Preesha didn’t kill Sania, he found makeup artist as evidence.

Chautala enters and says its waste to search Sunil as he was seeing boarding a train. Rudra asks how does she know when he didn’t discuss it with her. She says she is famous for investigation and remembers Arman asking her to inform Rudra that Sunil is missing.

She tells Rudra that CCTV footage doesn’t prove Sunil murdered Sania, its good that Preesha is dead or else she would have been in jail forever. Preesha thinks Arman was right, she needs to accept Arman’s advice for her baby’s sake. On the other side, Arman scolds his guards for letting Preesha escape. Preesha returns and says she cannot go back to jail and let her baby born in jail, so as he said they will leave this country.

Precap: Arman says a new Preesha will be born who is unrelated to Rudra. Sunil’s girlfriend in jail discusses with Mishka that Sania escaped and trapped her and Sunil. Mishka thinks of revealing his news.
Preesha determines to find Sania’s real murderer.

Update Credit to: MA

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