Yeh Hai Chahatein : Preesha Decides to Leave Rudraksh !

Preesha questions Devimaa why did she send Rudra in front of him after 5 years when has married her sister Vyjayanti, she cannot return to Rudra now as he doesn’t have a place for her and Roohi in his life and hence will go far away from him again. Vyjayanti confronts Bunty for letting Rudra meet such a big accident and asks if Preesha is alive. He denies and says if she was alive, she wouldn’t have let Rudra in a dangerous situation. He thinks Preesha is the one who saved Rudra and was with him till his condition normalized.

Preesha returns to Roohi. Roohi asks how is laal tamatar/red tomato Rudra and says she will go and meet him. Preesha stops her and says she cannot meet him again as they both got in danger, she should let Rudra go as he has a family. Roohi requests to let her meet Rudra one last time. Preesha says no as they are leaving both hospital and this village. Roohi asks reason. Preesha asks not question her and says they will leave right now.

Bunty gives Rudra’s medicine to Vyjayanti and goes to meet Preesha in Roohi’s room. Nurse informs that Roohi was discharge last night. Bunty thinks Rudra will question him about Roohi and Preesha and goes to meet Preesha. Preesha asks how could he hide the truth that Rudra married her sister Vyjayanti, she cannot interfere in their lives now.

Bunty says there is nothing between Rudra and Vyjayanti. She asks if they are married or not, Bunty lied her repeatedly, its better she goes from here. Bunty says Rudra cannot live without her. She says he should convince her that Preesha is dead and he saw Roohi’s mother Priya Sharma and imagined Preesha instead, he should leave before Roohi sees him. Bunty walks away.

Bunty returns to Rudra. Sharda visits Rudra. Rudra opens eyes. Sharda thanks god and asks what had happened. Rudra asks where is Preesha. Vyjayanti looks at Bunty. Sharda asks how can Preesha come here. Bunty says Preesha is dead. Rudra asks not to lie as he saw her and fell unconscious in her arms. Bunty says he inhaled excess smoke and fell unconscious in Roohi’s mother’s arms. Rudra asks where is Roohi’s mother. Bunty says she is leaving Rothak forever. Rudra says he is sure he saw Preesha and forcefully leaves hospital to meet Preesha.

Beena maasi and other villagers request Preesha not to leave Rothak. Preesha says after mukhiya’s allegation, she doesn’t want to tarnish her character and hence wants to leave Rothak. Roohi says she cannot live without Saachi and pleads her to stay back. Preesha says they can’t and takes her away. Rudra reaches Preesha’s house where Sachi informs that Roohi already left. He questions Beena about Preesha. Beena says Peesha got into trouble because of him, so she will not. He pleads that Preesha is his life and he cannot live without her. She informs that she is going to Shimla and her bus will leave in 15 minutes. Rudra runs towards bus stand.

Vyjayanti gets emotional after hearing Preesha is alive. Sharda says Rudra loves only Preesha and hence she should let him go. Rudra reaches bus stand and gets sad hearing Shimla bus left 10 minutes ago. A man informs that Shimla bus is late and is about to leave. Rudra forcefully enters bus and checks, but doesn’t find Preesha. He thinks he lost her again and checks each passing bus.

Precap: Rudra reaches Preesha and asks if Roohi is his daughter. Yuvraj says Roohi is his daughter. Bunty informs Sharda and Vyjayanti
that Preesha is alive. Rudra asks Preesha if Roohi is really Yuvraj’s daughter.

Update Credit to: MA

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