Yeh Hai Chahatein : Preesha Exposes Yuvraj !

Saransh pleads unconscious Preesha to wake up and look at her son. Roohi thinks why he is calling mamma as his wife. Sharda, Vasu, and GPS also plead Preesha to wake up. Rudra says he will not let anything happen to his wife. Roohi thinks why Rudra is calling himself as mamma husband, recalls all the incidents that happened in Rothak, and thinks who is she if mamma is Rudra’s wife and Saransh’s mother. Rudra sprinkles water on Preesha. Preesha opens eyes and says she is fine. Rudra hugs her emotionally. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Rudra asks how did she get into holika dahan firewood. Preesha reveals that Yuvraj wanted to kill her and reveals whole story. Rudra gets angry on Rudra and shouts he will kill Rudra. Preesha pleads him not to do anything wrong and take law in his hands as they are reunited after many years. Sharda and Vasu also try to calm hm down.

Rudra calls inspector and asks him to arrest Yuvraj for trying to kill his wife. Preesha feels pain. Saransh hugs her and asks her not to leave him again. She promises him and then searches for Roohi. Saransh says he had sent her to Rudra’s room to get cloth potli. They search for Roohi in whole house and don’t find her. Preesha fears if Yuvraj took her away. Rudra calls inspector to find out if Yuvraj is found. Inspector says not yet, they are outside his house, and he cannot escape. He questions watchman and waits for Yuvraj. Yuvraj notices police outside his house and thinks nalla Khurana must have sent police behind him, he will ruin nalla and chipkali’s holi festival.

Preesha hears Roohi crying in a store room and walks to her. Roohi confronts her that she lied to her and real name is Preesha Khurana. Saransh and others walk in next. Roohi says she is angry on them as they all lied to her. Rudra asks why did they lie. She shows Preesha’s photos and says she found them in Rudra’s room and realized Preesha is Rudra’s wife and Saransh’s mother, Roohi is nothing to them and will go from there. Preesha hugs her and says she is her daughter and she is alive because of her. She reveals that Rudra and Saransh didn’t know since 5 years that she is alive and met her recently in Rothak, she wanted to tell truth to her. Roohi asks why didn’t she when they came here. Rudra says because of him and says he wasn’t brave enough to reveal the truth that he is Roohi’s daddy. Roohi asks if he is her daddy. She says he didn’t know about it in Rothak and due to misunderstanding put her mamma in jail and now reconciled with her after knowing the truth.

Saransh says even they learnt truth recently and wanted to reveal it to her, but due to the bomb and other incidents couldn’t. Rudra says he always wanted a junior Rudra and junior Preesha and can proudly say that he is Roohi’s father. Each family member express their love for Roohi. Roohi asks Rudra to hug her. Rudra hugs her emotionally followed by others. Rudra then asks if everyone are ready for a special holi. Roohi says yes, she is very happy that she got her daddy and whole happy family. She asks Rudra and Preesha never to fight again and be together always.

Precap: Roohi celebrates holi with her family.
Rogue boy Dev with his friends barge into party to reach Roohi a lesson.

Update Credit to: MA

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