Yeh Hai Chahatein : Preesha Gets a Massive Shocker !

Preesha prays god to save Roohi. Beena maasi consoles her and asks what was Rudra doing in her store room. Preesha says she doesn’t know and says nothing should happen to anyone. Vyjayanti and Bunty reach lohri venue and don’t find villagers there. Bunty questions a man who informs that everyone have gone to a nearby house where a girl is stuck in a fire accident, but rockstar Rudra saved her and they both are taken to hospital. They both rush towards hospital.

Doctor informs Preesha that Roohi regained consciousness and she can meet her. Preesha meets Roohi and pampers her. Doctor informs that she was conscious due to excess smoke, but now she is fine. Preesha thanks him. Roohi apologizes Preesha for keeping Rudra in store room uninformed and says she taught her not to leave her friend alone. Preesha asks if Rudra is her friend now. Roohi says they used to enjoy a lot, she imagines her dad in him and he can be mamma’s best hubby.

Preesha thinks Rudra is Roohi’s daddy, but she cannot reveal it. Roohi says god sent Rudra for them. Preesha says Rudra is severely injured and she should pray god to get him well soon. Roohi prays god. Preesha asks her to rest while she checks on Rudra and walks away.

Preesha enters Rudra’s ICU room and breaks down seeing Rudra’s condition. Rehna Tu Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas… song plays in the background. She remembers their recent encounters and reveals unconscious Rudra that Roohi is their daughter, a junior Preesha he dreamt of. She describes how she was feeling seeing him again, etc., and her decision to reunite with him. She lies on his chest.

Rudra opens eyes and emotionally asks why was she hiding from him for 5 years and acted as dead, she knows he cannot live without her. She says she didn’t have any other option, she is a criminal hiding from law and doesn’t want him to be called a criminal for supporting her and lose his money and fame, he wants to forget her and move on. He says he is nothing without her and will fight the world to be with her.

Preesha says Roohi is. Rudra says Roohi is his daughter, fate brought him here, she has gone on Preesha, she protects him and loves him immensely, etc. Preesha Roohi sings well like him. He says its good that daughter is not besuri/out of tune like mother, now nobody can separate them.

Preesha then hears vital sign monitor beep and realizes it was her imagination. She sees his condition deteriorating and calls doctor. Doctor gives him defibrillator shocks. Preesha prays god not to separate her from Rudra again. Vyjayanti rushes in and asks what happened to Rudra. Doctor asks who is she. She says she is Rudra’s wife, Vyjayanti Rudraksh Khurana.

Preesha is shocked and disheartened to hear that and thinks she should leave before Vyjayanti sees her, then thinks she needs to save Rudra at any cost and walks towards Rudra. Rudra responds to shock. Doctor thanks god and walks away thinking she doesn’t have right on Rudra now. Vyjayanti asks doctor if Rudra is safe now. Doctor says yes.

Preesha thinks why did Rudra marry her sister, she was living in his memories, but he moved on with someone else; she waited for him since 5 years, but he married Vjayanti and forgot her. Bunty notices her. She says she doesn’t want to say anything and walks away. She then visits hospital temple and confronts god.

Precap: Roohi requests to meet Rudra. Preesha stops her and says they are leaving hospital and Rothak. Rudra asks about Preesha.
Bunty informs that she is leaving Rothak with Roohi. Rudra reaches Preesha and asks if Roohi is his daughter. Yuvraj says Roohi is his daughter.

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