Yeh Hai Chahatein : Preesha ka Hua Accident !

Preesha’s police van catches fire when a truck crashes with it and escapes. Van bursts. Constable calls inspector Chautala and informs her about the accident. At Khurana house, Sharda teaches Saransh and seeing him having cold gives him steam treatment. Vasu asks her to accompany her to court, but Sharda denies citing Saransh’s health. Vasu reaches court. Preesha’s lawyer informs Rudra that if Preesha doesn’t reach on time, her case hearing will be postponed. Rudra calls police station and asks if Preesha left for court. Constable informs that she left long ago with inspector Chautala.

Chautala calls Rudra and informs him in detail about Preesha’s accident. Rudra stands in shock. GPS takes phone next. Chautala informs him about the accident and informs that Preesha is no more, she is sending GPS location to reach there. GPS also stands in shock. Rudra shouts Preeshaaa. They all 3 reach accident venue. Rudra tries to rush towards Preesha’s dead body. Chautala stops him and says due to severe impact of accident, body burnt into ashes. Rudra pushing everyone aside unveils Preesha’s face and shatters seeing her charred body. He cries vigorously. Vasu tries to console him. Chautala shows Preesha’s broken jewelry pieces.

Arman kidnaps Preesha, walks unconscious Preesha resting on bed, and thinks she is dead for the world and will be only his forever now. He wakes her up. She panics seeing him and says she was going for court hearing, who brought her here. He says he kidnapped her and brought her here, remembering his men kidnapping her and exchanging her with a burnt body.

Out of flashback, she asks how can he do this and tries to leave, but feels dizzy. He walks towards her in concern. She warns him to stay away from her as Rudra revealed his truth already and he cannot even touch her. Arman says enough, he brought her here as she is pregnant. She remembers Rudra consummating with her and imagines the whole incident. Out of flashback, she thinks Rudra doesn’t remember about their consummation, she will inform him.

Back at accident venue, Rudra panics thinking how will he inform this news to maa and handle Anvi and Saransh. Vasu cries everything is finished. Reporters throng him and question if his wife died in an accident, his career restarted just now and it will end with is wife’s death, etc. Chautala sends Rudra away scolding reporters to respect his privacy.

Arman on the other side informs Preesha that he is working hard to find out who murdered Sania and remembers Preesha falling unconscious in police station, doctor checking her and informing Chautala that Preesha is pregnant. Chautala warns constables that only she will inform Preesha about her pregnancy. Arman meets his childhood friend Chautala and thanking her for handling Sania’s case. Chautala gives him vital evidences in Preesha’s case and reveals that Preesha is pregnant.

Precap: Arman informs Preesha that he knows about makeup artist Sunil. Ani watches Preesha’s death news and informs Saransh.
Sharda also stands shocked hearing that. Preesha thinks she should inform Saransh and Anvi that she is alive.

Update Credit to: MA

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