Yeh Hai Chahatein : Preesha ko Mila Jhatka !

Param calls Rudra and asks if Vidhi came there are she is not at home and he thought she must have come to meet Saransh. Rudra asks him not to worry as he is coming there to search Vidhi. Saransh asks what happened to Vidhi. Rudra says Vidhi is not at home, Param thinks she came here, but she doesn’t know their address. Saransh says he gave her their address. Rudra says he will go and search Vidhi.

Saransh insists to accompany him. Mishka notices them and asks where are they going at night. Rudra says Vidhi is missing and they are going to search her. She gets worried for Vidhi and accompanies them. At mental health clinic, Preesha lies nurse that she is patient’s relative and wants to meet the patient now. Nurse says nobody can meet patient at this time. Preesha says she didn’t come yesterday and mayy not visit for another 2 days, so she wants to meet patient now. Nurse says she can for minutes and shows her room. Preesha notices a man lying on bed and thinks why appa meets him hiding from family.

Rudra, Saransh, and Mishka reach Param’s house. Mishka asks him if he searched whole house and even usual hide out places. Param says no. Saransh says he knows and finds her in her room’s cupboard crying hugging her parent’s pic. Mishka comforts her and asks why was she hiding in cupboard, everyone were searching him. Vidhi says nobody loves her except her parents who are dead. Mishka says they all love her and asks why did she hide in cupboard. She says its her mamma’s birthday today and she is missing her a lot, she hid in cupboard so that Param couldn’t hear her. Mishka hugs and consoles her.

Preesha enters man’s room and seeing her family sketch on wall realizes he is her brother Venkatesh and is about to wake him up when GPS stops her and takes her out and reveals that her brother is in mental clinic since 10 years. She asks why did he hid that brother is alive; she, Mahima, and amma were in shock and couldn’t cope his death. He says he didn’t want to snatch their lives and wanted them to live peacefully, Vasu couldn’t tolerate her son as a living dead body. She asks what happened.

He says Venky was a bright student and remembers principal calling him and informing him that his son was caught molesting a girl. Venky says girl was molesting him instead. Principal doesn’t trust him saying any girl wouldn’t do that. GPS says he trusts his son and even she knows he cannot do that. Principal gets adamant and restricates Venky from college.

Back at home, Venky goes into depression. Out of flashback, GPS says Venky went into deep depression and stopped having food, he and Vasu left him at home and went to market when neighbors allege Venky of molesting a girl, fear their daughter’s lives, trash him brutally, decide to kick him out of society. Vasu fights with them and shoos them away. GPS something really bad happened after that which anyone couldn’t imagine.

Precap: Preesha informs GPS about Vsau suspecting him and find out about Radha. Vasu reaches Radha’s mental clinic and speaks on someone over phone. Venky gets active hearing her voice and calls her.

Update Credit to: MA

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