Yeh Hai Chahatein : Preesha Lauti Khurana House

Rudra continues to inform how he got Mishka’s call about proof to prove Preesha innocent and meeting Reshma who gives him Sania’s location. Out of flashback, he says he and Preesha carefully planned to trap Arman and explains all the incidents happened next. Inspector Chautala asks where is Arman. Preesha says he is in a mall as she insisted him to take her there. Rudra thanks Chautala for her help.

Chautala says thanks him back for getting her back on a right path and goes to arrest Arman. Rudra takes Preesha home. Rudra enters home happy. Sharda, GPS, and Vasu waiting for him asks why did he ask them to wait for him. He says he wants to show her something and calls Preesha. They are amazed to see Preesha and emotionally hug and pamper her. Poor Saransh unable to get any expressions on his face stands aside. Rudra asks him to smile and meet his mother. He runs and hugs Preesha.

Mishka walks in next. Sharda asks her to get out as her bahu/DIL has returned. Rudra and Preesha try to stop her. Sharda says she will not let Mishka ruin their happiness. Rudra says their happiness is back because of Mishka as she supported them for Preesha Mishka apologizes Sharda.

Rudra then reveals whole story. GPS asks why didn’t he inform them about it. Rudra apologizes him. Inspector Chautala walks in and informs that they have a good news, all the charges on Preesha are cleared as Sania is found, but there is a bad news that Arman escaped. She says she searched Arman everywhere and didn’t find him, maybe he has left abroad. Rudra says its okay as Arman doesn’t exist for them now. Preesha feels sad that Anvi also left. Rudra says once Arman is caught, Anvi will be back to her and they will stay happily together in this house. Preesha and Saransh hug him emotionally. Sharda says she wants her happy family together forever.

Arman driving car with Chachaji and Anvi remembers Sunil calling him on time and asking him to escape as Sania is caught and Preesha was betraying him. He thinks Preesha betrayed her, he truly loved her, he will get out of country and will return to take revenge from Preesha and Rudra.

Rudra gets romantic with Preesha and says its time for their suhagraaat. She says they already celebrated it. He says he was not in his senses then, now he wants to enjoy each moment in his senses. He lifts her and takes her to room. She says he already made arrangements. He makes her lie on bed and says she has to wear and do whatever he says. She agrees. He gives her a short black nightie. She says she already has a red one. He says he wants to see her in place and forcefully sends her to bathroom. He then excitedly waits for her.

She walks out wearing black nightie shyly. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and intimately touches her. Ek Dil Hai Ek Jaan.. song plays in the background. He says she is looking more beautiful than he thought. She handcuffs him and gets on him. He gets more romantic when Saransh enters via window. Preesha asks Rudra why didn’t he lock the window. Saransh asks why is Rudra handcuffed. Preesha says they are playing thief and police. He hand cuffs them and enacts police. Rudra asks why did they become parents before become husband and wife, his romantic suhagrat is spoilt.

Precap: Rudra’s manager informs him about new music contract. GPS finds a photo while cleaning house, leaves house to meet someone, and meets with an accident. Sharda gets a call and stands shocked.

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