Yeh Hai Chahatein: Preesha Reconnects With Her Family !

Rudra confronts Preesha that he was very happy that his Preesha is alive and he got back his life, but her truth snatched everything from him. He says she shouldn’t come in front of Saransh and make him feel that his mother being alive didn’t come to meet him once and was absent when he needed her the most.

She asks how could she come when she was a criminal. He says she chose her one child and ignored another child, she choose Yuvraj’s daughter and ransacked their son. She cries no. He warns her not to meet Saransh and make him feel that he was nothing to her. She says she loves her son a lot and all children are equal for a mother.

He says not for her and she proved that Saransh means nothing to her. She asks how could she see a murder’s son tag on Saransh and hence didn’t meet him till now, she wanted to meet him once, but fate doesn’t want her to. She breaks down. Rudra melts down.

She hugs Rudra tightly and thinks she loves him, but cannot be near him. Rudra also reciprocates and thinks he wants to be with her, but its not in his fate.

Vyjayanti/VJ notices them hugging each other from balcony and thinks Rudra lied to her regarding Rudra, he married her and having an affair with Preesha, she married him as she thought Preesha is dead, but now she will do whatever is right for her.

She visits GPS and Vasu’s house. They both get tensed seeing her visiting them at late night and asks if everything is fine. She says yes, she came to inform them that Preesha is alive and is in Delhi.

They are shocked to hear that and say Preesha was dead. She says Preesha is alive and describes whole story. She says she is here in Delhi with her own daughter who is studying in Khurana school. GPS says that means she is Rudra’s daughter. VJ says she is Yuvraj’s daughter. GPS repeats Preesha and Yuvraj’s daughter.

VJ requests Vasu to convince Preesha not to interfere in her married life again. Vasu shouts to shut up and says she didn’t take their permission before marrying Rudra or visited them in 5 years, Preesha is dead for them, even VJ is when she married Rudra without their permission. She drags VJ out of her house and warns to dare not return to her house again. GPS says Preesha is alive, if she doesn’t want to meet her. Vasu says she will.

Rudra drops Preesha home in his car. Preesha says he doesn’t have to do that. He says he cannot believe that Roohi is Yuvraj’s daughter and his Preesha betrayed him. Preesha thinks he is right that Roohi is his daughter, she wants them to stay together like a family. He plays Lagja Gale Ke Phir Ye Hasin Raat Ho Na Ho… song.

She asks him to stop car midway, cries hugging him tightly. and says she loves him and cannot stay away from him. He says even he loves her and doesn’t want to stay away from her. Shew says she wants to be with her family, her love, and wants Saransh back. He says even him. Car stops. She realizes it was his imagination. She thanks him for dropping her home. Her pallu gets stuck in his cuff. Shiddat song plays in the background. She frees her pallu.

Yuvraj walks in and hugs Preesha and asks where was she. He taunts Rudra that he is shameless to come near Preesha even after knowing that Roohi is his daughter. Their argument starts. Preesha supports Rudra.

Yuvraj says tomorrow is valentine’s day and he has a surprise for Preesha tomorrow. Rudra leaves. Preesha warns Yuvraj to stop his drama and asks shamelessly if he followed her. He says even she is shameless to get a job in Rudra’s school and Roohi’s admission. Preesha continues tongue lashing him and walks away warning to stay away from her. Next morning, Preesha drops Roohi in school and goes to clinic.

Vasu with GPS walks in and meets Roohi. Roohi asks if she is fine. Vasu says she is fine. Roohi says she speaks like her mamma. Vasu gets impressed with Roohi and says she wants to meet her mamma. Preesha returns. Roohi introduces her. Vasu stands shocked seeing Preesha.

Precap: Saransh plans a valentine’s day date for Rudra. Preesha meets her Bunty’s girlfriend Bubbles and finding scholarship papers in drawer thinks if Bunty is behind scholarship scam.
Rudra questions Roohi if her mamma didn’t go on a date with Raj uncle.
Roohi says mamma hates Raj uncle.

Update Credit to: MA

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