Yeh Hai Chahatein : Preesha Warns Yuvraj !

Rudra enters birthday party disguised as a sardarji with a cake. He sings happy birthday to you song and entertains everyone. Rohit thanks him and asks how is he. Roohi asks where is the magic card, who is he. Rohit asks if choti bakri/small goat didn’t call him. She says no. Rudra reveals his identity. Everyone rejoice. Roohi calls him lal tamatar. Rudra says he came here on Roohi’s request to celebrate Rohit’s incomplete birthday party. Bunty visits a stationery shops to print contest posters and finds shopkeeper missing. He gets back in to car thinking of printing posters in Delhi. Preesha treats shopkeeper’s son and passes by his car.

Rohit apologizes Roohi for bullying her and thanks him. Rudra continues his concert. Rohit cuts his birthday cake. Rudra gives his autograph to Rohit and his friends and says he will leave now as he came from Delhi on Roohi’s request. He carries Roohi and asks if she is happy now. She says yes. He says he will help her always, now her friends will be impressed with her and not trouble her.

Roohi says children will inform their families about his presence here. He reminds that he told everyone that he came here for sometime and is returning to Delhi. Yuvraj sees them and thinks who is with choti chipkali.

Rohit returns home and happily hugging his father/Mukhiya informs that Rudra celebrated his birthday and had a concert on Roohi’s request. Mukhiya asks if Rudra is here. Rohit says Rudra already left for Delhi. Mukhiya asks his aide to call Rudra’s house and find out if he reached home.

Aide calls Rudra’s home where Saransh picks call and says Rudra is staying in Rohtak since his concert. Mukhiya says Roohi must be hiding Rudra somewhere and they need to find out the place and catch Rudra. Rudra takes Roohi back to store room and pampers her. Yuvraj follows them and is about to enter store room when Preesha stops him and asks what is he doing here.

Roohi walks out and asks what is Raj uncle doing here. Preesha asks her to go home and tongue lashes Yuvraj for interfering in her life. Yuvraj says he saved her from Mukhiya’s goons and paid her rent, even then she is still angry on him. She says he cannot get her love with money and promises to return his money within 3 days. He says when she had money, why didn’t she give it directly to Mukhiya. She says its none of his business and sends him away. She walks to Roohi and asks if she meets Yuvraj often.

Roohi agrees that she meets him and enjoys ice cream sometimes. She asks why can’t Raj uncle become her father reveals how she suggested Raj to bring a fake girlfriend and make Preesha jealous to reconcile their differences. Preesha says Raj can never be Roohi’s father and remembering Rudra says god will send someone who will be her hubby and Roohi’s father. Rudra also misses Preesha.

Precap: Preesha hears announcement of competition and decides to participate in it. She removes her bangle and enters competition venue. Rudra and Bunty look shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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